Philippine Official Holidays for 2013

My friend, have you noticed that airline companies are posting their discounted airfare promotions?  I am not only talking about airlines here in the Philippines but also other foreign airlines.  Mr. Wilson Lee Flores once tweeted that Emirates had their sale.

But before you pull out your credit card and visit any airline site, you need to know first the best time to plan for your vacation.  Usually for the majority of the Philippine workforce, the best time is during holidays.  People want to maximize their standard 15-day Vacation Leaves so that it will last till the end of the year or for long vacations you’re saving up because of special occacions (weddings, family reunions, etc.).

To help you with your decision, allow me to provide you what President Noynoy Aquino had declared as posted on the Official Gazette of our country:

A. Regular Holidays
New Year’s Day
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday
Araw ng Kagitingan
January 1 (Tuesday)
March 28
March 29
April 9 (Tuesday)
Labor Day
Independence Day
National Heroes Day
Bonifacio Day
Christmas Day
Rizal Day
May 1 (Wednesday)
June 12 (Wednesday)
August 26 (Last Monday of August)
November 30 (Saturday)
December 25 (Wednesday)
December 30 (Monday)
B. Special (Non-Working) Days
Black Saturday
Ninoy Aquino Day
All Saints Day
Additional special (non-working) days

Last Day of the Year
March 30
August 21 (Wednesday)
November 1 (Friday)
November 2 (Saturday)
December 24 (Tuesday)
December 31 (Tuesday)
C. Special Holiday (for all schools)
EDSA Revolution Anniversary February 25 (Monday)



Mercury Retrograde


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My friend, what is your zodiac sign?  The reason why I’m asking is because that was the topic of our discussion here in our office.  It was my team mate’s birthday yesterday.  And since we are complete today (I was in another site yesterday), Cris will treat us with “Pancit Mot-mot” (Chinese rice noodles ordered from a  Motel).  Then he told us that we should be careful of our decision because Mercury Retrograde this month.  My zodiac sign is Libra and I love it!  Well, I strongly believe that it is the most romantic and one of the most intelligent sign.  Though I read horoscopes but it was never a hobby and I only choose to believe the positive ones. HAHA!

What is Mercury Retrograde?  Mercury – the first planet of the solar system, will move from its opposite direction.  This solar occurence will bring effect to all zodiac signs.  So I quicky pull up my ever-reliable Google and found out that it did affect my zodiac sign.

Let me post this for my friends who are also Libra, like me:

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Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Your November Horoscope by Susan Miller

Libra Horoscope for November 2012 By Susan Miller

You have come though a very strenuous period while Saturn toured your sign from October 2009 to October 2012. Nothing you will face now will be as difficult as what you have already come through. You should give yourself credit for all you’ve accomplished over the past three years. You are now much stronger than you were three years ago, and much wiser, too. This month, when you find that plans go more slowly than you would like, realize that it’s nothing you can do to make things move along quicker. It’s not you – it’s Mercury retrograde.

Mercury, the planet governing communications, negotiations, shipping, commerce, and transportation, is about to turn retrograde from November 6 to 26. Mercury will retrograde in two signs, first (in Sagittarius) in your third house of travel, communication, and siblings, and next, (in Scorpio) in your house of earned income. Meetings will be postponed, clients will change their dictates, and all kinds of payments due to you will be late, so try to go with the flow. You may want to send reminder statements to those tardy accounts the moment the month begins.

The US Presidential Election will take place on the evening of November 6, the date Mercury turns retrograde. I have always written that the front and end dates of any planet’s retrograde are the strongest, when the most havoc is recorded.

We do have precedence for a presidential election coinciding with a Mercury retrograde period in 2000, and it was during the Bush-Gore contest. Back in 2000, Mercury was going direct on election day evening; this time Mercury is going retrograde for three weeks on election day evening. Back in 2000, we witnessed the calls for a Florida recount, complete with hanging chads, broken voting machines, and ballots found in closets and in the trunks of cars. It took a Supreme Court judge to settle that race. This time, things may be even more complicated and take longer to sort. Here is why.

The same day that Mercury goes retrograde, election day November 6, we also have Mercury in hard angle to confusing Neptune, multiplying the problems times three. There are some possibilities here. Due to the historic Hurricane Sandy that caused such widespread damage and knocked out electrical power in the Northeast of the US, the election may be delayed.

Also, many states allow for early balloting, something new, so that also may be a saving grace. No matter what happens, this will be an election with a razor-thin margin for the winner, and I feel we will see delays. If you are a US citizen registered to vote, be sure to cast your ballot. Watching this race will show you the power of Mercury retrograde. If you have my book, “The Year Ahead 2012 and Beyond,” please refer to the chapter on Mercury Retrograde for more information. (Digital copies are available for the iPad, Nook, and Kindle.)

This month also holds two eclipses, so let’s now look at those.

The first one will arrive as a new moon solar eclipse, November 13 in Scorpio 22 degrees, and will arrive in your second house of earned income. Saturn, the taskmaster planet that teaches life lessons, has just recently entered the part of your chart ruling salary, possessions, and other earned income. Happily, Saturn will be too far away (mathematically) from this eclipse to have a dampening effect. This new moon will be your best shot at raising your income in 2012.

Last month, on October 29, you had a full moon in your eighth house of other people’s money, so you may be focused on money because of a large check you may have had to write at that time. Saturn was conjunct that full moon, so your mood was serious.

This eclipse will bring you a rare opportunity to find more income and lower your financial stress. Solar eclipses are basically new moons on steroids, and almost all new moons create new opportunities. There are 12 houses of the horoscope, and typically 13 lunar months in a year. This means you can only get one new moon a year in any given part of the chart. Next year, at the 2013 new moon in your income area (November 3, 2013), your outlook for getting an approval for a raise will not be nearly as special as you have now.

Make this powerful eclipse work for you by assertively seeking a raise or negotiating a new salary for a position in another company. If you are self-employed, you may be able to bring in a powerful new client. What you do in the days following the eclipse November 13 will have the power to change your life for a whole year into the future – or more! With Saturn, the planet that rules your fourth house of home and real estate in your earned income sector, you may be able to sell a piece of property and make a handsome profit. (January will be outstanding for sales, too!)

Mercury will retrograde in two signs this time, first Sagittarius, delaying trips or contractual deals, and then Scorpio, delaying checks owed to you. For the former, put off signing any paperwork until December.

My younger daughter, Diana, signed her lease one time when Mercury was retrograde for an apartment she had been living in two two years. The landlord came over one day and told her, “I love what you did to this apartment – now I need you to leave, despite your signing the lease. I am taking your apartment. I just love it! Here is a check for your moving expenses.” The check was a paltry gesture and did not nearly cover all the costs to move, and certainly did not compensate her for the inconvenience of finding a new apartment so suddenly. The laws in the state she was living in did not protect tenants in the way they do in New York State, where she grew up. My dear Diana moved out to please her landlord – but was in shock.

I was in shock that a member of my family would even THINK of signing anything when Mercury is retrograde, but Diana’s a little Aries, and those little Rams like to test advice. (Ha, ha, I understand – sometimes testing is good.) So even if you are continuing a situation you had in place for a length of time, such as continuing a yearly lease, do not sign in November! The days that come before November 6 and after November 26 are simply too close to the retrograde. You need to leave space around them, so wait until December, and blame me for the delay!

Mars will visit two parts of your chart this month, energizing opportunities for travel and for settling home and family matters. Progress on both fronts will be possible. The first half, November 1 to 16, will allow you to schedule short trips near your base. You may also have more than usual interaction with your sister or brother at that time.

In the second half of the month, your home will be a very strong focus, due to the move of Mars into Capricorn from November 16 to December 25. You can do repairs and maintenance (such as to paint rooms or shampoo rugs, for example) in November while Mercury retrogrades, but major actions such as to buy, sell, lease, sign papers, choose a roommate, or purchase or deliver furniture would best be done in December.

You will have such intense buildup of planetary energy in your home sector at the new moon January 11, that you will likely lay the groundwork in November and December, but make your huge push, showing the most productivity, in January. That, I feel, would be your best timetable.

One day could become quite inflamed and troublesome for a living situation or a relationship with one family member: November 22 or 23. Mars will be in hard angle to Uranus, which is a very strong and angry vibration. If something does come up, it would come up suddenly. Sometimes this has a physical manifestation, not an emotional one, so just in case, make safety a priority at home.

Never leave a candle unattended, and keep floors and hallways clear, especially at night when someone could fall – protect bones, especially the knees, all ruled by Capricorn. (They say most accidents – 80% – happen at home, simply because we are home so much.) I am sorry to have to report that home or family could be a troublesome place for you this month, and I hope I am wrong. The year-end holidays can occasionally bring up tension in regard to certain family members, and certainly this seems true for you, but only on November 22-23. Those born on or near September 27 will feel this energy the most.

There is another day when someone seems to be very heavy handed in his or her dealings with you, November 27. Mars will be conjunct Pluto on this day, a very strong and pushy aspect, so tread carefully this whole week.

You have several outstanding days too this month. The first will arrive on November 8 or 9, when Venus in Libra will receive a golden beam from Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. What a day – lucky for you in just about every way. Use one of these days for discussing a project for the media, negotiation in any legal matter, an interview at a college, for taking a big test or defending a thesis, or for any matter involving immigration / passports / green card / visa. This day would be ideal for travel, or for any interaction with foreign people. Your ruler is Venus, and with Jupiter coming to visit, you are set to have a banner day – truthfully, on any front.

The weekend of November 24-25 sparkles brightly, thanks to a lovely interplay between the Sun and Uranus. No matter what you think may come up, something else will, and it will delight you more than you could imagine. Friends seem to be part of the activities that you will become involved with, and you will adore the ideas they have for things to do.

I also like November 29, when Venus, by then in Scorpio, will be in ideal sync with Mars in Capricorn. A real estate negotiation or action is likely to go very well. If making a design decision, such as to choose paint colors or other design choices, Venus will see to it that you will make the right choices that you love for a long time.

Now let’s talk about the magnificent full moon lunar eclipse due November 28: the majestic lunar full moon eclipse in Gemini 7 degrees, conjunct Jupiter, perfect for you, dear Libra. The full moon and Jupiter will be “trine” your Sun, which is the best aspect you can ever hope to see. My point is that these instances are rare, not commonplace!

This eclipse will light your house of adventure and broad horizons. You may travel spontaneously overseas to a distant city that you’ve never visited, or you may take a journey of the mind by signing up for university courses for the next semester in January. New projects involving the media (publishing or broadcasting, Internet or blogs) or involving the telecommunications, apps, aviation, or electronics shine, too. Uranus will be in perfect angle to both Jupiter and the full moon eclipse and is cooking up one wonderful surprise for you, and when it comes, it will come out of the blue. It appears your partner (in business or romance) will be a gem as well. This is no ordinary eclipse. It is rare for an eclipse to come conjunct Jupiter.

If you were born on September 30, plus or minus five days, you will benefit the most from this eclipse. If you have your natal chart, you might look to see if you have a planet at 7 degrees Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini, or in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. That planet will receive nice vibrations from this eclipse as well.

Life is looking up for you, dear Libra. I know it’s been tough. If you were born at the end of Libra, say, near October 15-22, you may have to wait until the end of this year to feel total relief. (I always like to see Saturn get to be a full ten degrees of separation to breathe easy.) Yet even in your case, each day brings better news, little by little. This eclipse of November 28 should bring big news – all of it special.


As you begin November you will find you’re nearly obsessed with thoughts about money – how to manage it, how to get more, and how to appropriate it more effectively. This may have been triggered by last month’s full moon, October 29, when a large obligation seems to have come due, and financing it within the tight time frame may have proved difficult. Or it may be that you are planning to make a sizable investment, possibly in property.

Keep your eye on developments that occur after the solar eclipse of November 13, for you will have a sudden opportunity to persuade a higher-up for a raise, or to work on winning a new professional position. Help from a family member in terms of a tip or reference may prove helpful. Or, it may be that you will benefit from making a sale, netting a profit, or receiving a bargain or opportunity through a real estate venture. This eclipse will speed up your timetable enormously, so expect events to move fast.

Speaking of real estate, with Mars in Capricorn, you may be working on ways to improve your living situation. You may be planning a big program, like a residential move, or a small one, like a repair or design project. Or you may be ready to make a major structural change by adding on a room or changing the size or layout of a present space. November 29 will be a wonder day for any beautification project, such as to choose decorative items, paint colors, or fabric from swatches.

You will be able to create a sense of relaxing balance this month, and one of the best methods will be to travel to a distant city. Among the days you are away, be sure to be on your trip during November 8-9, when Venus, your ruler, will be in dazzling angle to Jupiter.

On the lunar eclipse, November 28, you may be on the road once again, this time closer to home, and the reason for leaving town seems to be business, for your journey would have bearing on your career and income. Other areas of gain, aside from foreign travel, would involve interaction with the media, opportunities in academia, or luck with the courts system. Any of these areas will be very fortune for you. You seem to be in quite a serious mood at month’s end, with Venus moving so very close to Saturn. Perhaps, in keeping with the mood of November, you may be making a very big financial commitment or decision.

Your sibling may make family news this month too, so you may want to check in with him or her to find out what is coming up. News seems to be exceptional – quite celebratory.

Dates to Note for Libra:

Most romantic dates: November 26 will be a standout, as will November 29.

On the first day, the Sun and Uranus will cooperate, making it a fine time to be with your significant other. On November 29, Venus will flirt with Mars – and you’ll sparkle.

Mercury will be retrograde November 6 to 26, not a time to start anything new – including relationships. Do not sign contracts.

Venus in Sagittarius will favor you and will encourage you, especially in regard to travel, from November 1 to December 16.

Your sibling is figuring prominently into the news of the month, especially at month’s end, near the eclipse of November 28. You will benefit from a woman, possibly your sister.

The full moon of last month, October 29, set off the trend of financial focus this month, and in the first three days of November, you’ll be thinking about money.

Travel over November 8-9, your best day of the month, when Venus and Jupiter will conjoin the moon. The lunar eclipse of November 28 will bring benefits from travel.

Mars in Capricorn from November 16 to December 15 will bring a powerful emphasis to your living situation, and bring you many options if you look. You might choose to enact them in January, after the new moon January 11.

Hmm… This made me more awake.  It was shocking accurate!  Well, 80% of it.  When November started, all I was thinking about was money.  Reason for it is because I was planning really big and I need a starting capital for it.  Yes, I am planning to put up a business.  I always want to put up one since I don’t want to be an employee forever.  Besides, I want to put my money in good use rather than buying things I really do not need or going to casinos.  I once had a small business with business partners, we sell cigarettes & pre-paid loads as a sideline when I was working in a restaurant.  We invested only a few hundred pesos to put it up and it was profitable.  But we have to close it due to misunderstanding (Haha!  That memory was very funny cause it was so juvenile.  The business was so small but we have that kind of issue).  Another reason for me needing money is because my family will be scheduling my mother for a needed operation this month or the next depending on her health.

Travel is always on my mind since I love to explore & experience new adventures.  I actually booked for multiple flights this month for my travels next year and thinking of booking an international flight for next month since I’ll have a long Christmas break.  I also have a pending travel in Cebu but it might be cancelled bacause of my fickle Sagitarian partner.

I’d like to arrange my room, even thinking of investing for a new house & lot which I’m already negotiating with my aunt whose willing to sell one of her properties.  This was pointed out on my zodiac – to invest in real estate or make renovations.

It seems that Mercury Retrograde will bring good things for me.  I am so excited that it will turn out good for me.

How about you, my friend?  What does Mercury Retrograde bring to your zodiac?


My Second


Hi!  Friends called me Tinakits and this is my first blog entry.  Then why the heck the title of this post says it’s my second?  Because this is my second blog.

Does anybody here recall the online fad called Friendster?  Yes!  It’s the Facebook of the 90’s and early 2000’s.  There was an option there where you can write and share your thoughts online by creating a blog.  I created one before and the title of it was “Fiddle Diddle Dees”.  And because Friendster has to undergo changes to compete with the gaming features of FB, my blog was affected by it and was completely removed from history and it can no longer be revived.  Sadly, I just have to settle on the thought that I once have an online diary.  But still, my wandering mind and my no-holds-barred tongue won’t let me sit quietly without shouting out my thoughts to the world.  I need to let it out and speak my mind.  So instead of writing it on my handy-dandy notebook, I will now post it publicly for it to be shared to those, who like me, are sitting quietly at one corner  looking for somebody who has the same wavelength as mine and realize that in this planet, you are not the only one who has a effed-up mind.

So, what will I include on my blog?  As the name of my blog implies, it will contain all the knick knacks that you will find in a kit.  Why do people create or keep a kit of any sort?  As what my friend Wiki had said, it is “Any collection of items or components needed for a specific purpose…“.  And that’s what I intend to put up here. I’ll post all the adventures and discoveries I’ve had and share it with you as a way for me to help out and for you not go through the same fumbles like I did.  May it be about travelling (fond of it), shopping (certified hobby of mine), current events (I love watching news.  No longer fond of any series or telenovelas), food (I finished a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, worked in hotels and restaurants & got my hands dirty and cut in the kitchen.  So really, I can say something about them).

I will open this in public and love to share this to the world.  As for you, my new friend, feel free to leave a comment, feedback or anything that you’d like to correct or share with everybody.

Enjoy! 🙂