Travels in the Philippines

My friend, are you a traveller too?  Because I am!  If you know my Foursquare account, you will be surprised with the number of check-in’s I’ve made that a friend of mine asked me if these were true or I am just doing it for the sake of earning points or “Mayorship”.  My answer is a big N-O.  When I was a kid, my Nanay (“Mother” in Tagalog) said I have a mole in my foot which means I am “gala” or a traveller.

Though Europe is the place I want to go to someday, there’s nothing like getting to know your country by travelling and see what it offers.  From the numerous travels I’ve made, I can definitely say that the Philippines is one of the most beautiful place to visit.  The question is:  What’s my basis? How well have I travelled my country?

My hobby of googling led me to see one blog named “Roadtrip sa Pinas” since I was researching for one of the adventures I’m arranging for next year.  On its right side, you will see the Philippines map with the question, “How much of the Philippines have you visited?”. That captured my curiosity and tried to answer that question based on the domestic travels I have made.  If you want to take the test, click on this link.

Let me share to you my result:


This is the result of Lakbayan’s website. The places colored in blue signifies that you have lived/visited/travelled/passed by those places

That made me realise that I need to travel and explore more!  (Mindanao – I need to explore you)

My friend, what is your grade?  Where will you travel next?


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