Of Starting Over & Mt. Pinatubo (Part 2)

My friend, what do you do after a break-up?  As for my friend Marie who just ended a relationship, she chose to travel every month & do something she never did before.   One of which is to trek at Mt. Pinatubo.

As per Wiki:  Mount Pinatubo is an active stratovolcano located on the island of Luzon, near the tripoint of the Philippine provinces of ZambalesTarlac, and Pampanga.[3] It is located in the Cabusilan Mountains[3][4] separating the west coast of Luzon from the central plains. Before the volcanic activities of 1991, its eruptive history was unknown to most people. It was heavily eroded, inconspicuous and obscured from view. It was covered with dense forest which supported a population of several thousand indigenous people, the Aetas, who fled to the mountains during theSpanish conquest of the Philippines.

The volcano’s Plinian / Ultra-Plinian eruption on June 15, 1991 produced the second largest terrestrial eruption of the 20th century… The effect of the eruption felt worldwide.

Today, the caldera formed and Lake Pinatubo as since become a tourist attraction.  Gateway for this is at Capas, Tarlac.  After paying our downpayment, our group of 8 were excited!  It was the first time for all of them except me.  I fondly recall that I have trekked Mt. Makiling before and went on top of it to see the lava lake.  But I am as excited as my friends because I haven’t really seen the volcano.  Besides, I want to also help my friend Marie in fullfilling her dream.

January 12 was the day of our trip.  But 3 days before that date, I was already nervous because the weatherman said we have a new Typhoon that will bring rains all over the Metro.  I brushed it off and just prayed that the storm will not hit nor affect Luzon.  Unfortunately, rain poured until Friday!  This made my friends paranoid especially with the recent news that somebody died there.

Mommy A, one of my companions, kept on calling me suggesting we move the trip.  Marie & Jill (my other friend) texted me if the trip will push through and from the tone of their messages, they were also worried.  Before I can decide, the driver who will pick us up called asking if we will push through with the trip even if it’s raining.  I have to think.  So I said I will call the agency to move the trip on another day.  I spoke with Karen of Trekking Pinatubo and she said it’s ok.  I was worried that our downpayment will not be refunded to us, worst is we will pay a rebooking fee.  Karen said she will just schedule us on another day without paying any rebooking fee.  So I called all my friends and agreed to do it on January 26th instead.



Know the terms and conditions of the trip you booked in an agency.  Changing the date and/or your itinerary may cause inconvenience on their part which might entail additional fees.  So ALWAYS READ THE FINE LINES.

Lucky for us cause we decided to change the date a day  before the event that is why we did not paid any additional cost nor our downpayment was forfeited.  Karen was kind enough to change the date for us even if I called her late in the evening.  Though I was heartbroken because I was expecting that B and I will do something this weekend, we still accepted it.  Besides, I don’t want to compromise our safety.

By the way, if you will trek at Mount Pinatubo and it’s raining DON’T PUSH FOR IT!  We found out that the Tourism Office at Mt. Pinatubo will not allow anybody to enter the vicinity of the park for safety purposes.  So if you still go there while raining, chances are you will not see it and you will no longer get the downpayment you have paid to compensate for the transportation that the agency arranged for you.

So much for the excitement.  But don’t worry, the trip pushed through.  Wait for my next post 🙂




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