Freedom Comes With Responsibility

My friend, are you aware of your rights?  You should! Everybody is entitled to it.  This is what we enjoy and given not only by our government but also by our Supreme Being (I tried to use a general term to describe Our Creator.  But do understand if I use “God” or “Lord” due to my Catholic upbringing).  Hey, free will is a priviledge man has but God doesn’t have.  I love keeping a blog because this is one way of practising my freedom of speech.

Whenever I need to fill out a form with a section saying “Religion”, I always write “Roman Catholic” because I am.  But I believe I am the unconventional one.  I love Catholicism and believe in its teachings.  I know all the sacraments, fond of saying novenas to the Immaculate Conception & St. Jude Thaddeus, and do the sign of the cross before and after I pray.  But I also not in favor of “second collections” during mass, support the RH bill and divorce, respect the rights of LGTB community & despise those priests who did not practice their vows of chastity, poverty and obedience.

Though I believe in these things, I also try to understand those people whose opinions were different from mine not because I am close-minded but because I respect them as an individual.

Freedom and respect should always go hand in hand.  And this is something that most of us forgot.  These two were not only practiced during ancient times.  It also applies in the modern world.

This led me to the topic of Mr. Carlos Celdran’s issue.  Celebrities, his friends and other people said Mr. Celdran’s issue is about freedom of speech.  I just scratched my head and think many times why they thought about it where in fact it’s an issue of respect.

The website said it all for me that I don’t have to further elaborate on this issue.  But to make it short, I say it again:

“Freedom comes with responsibility”



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