Of Starting Over & Mt. Pinatubo (Part 4 – Conclusion)

The reason behind this trip is because of my friend Marie who wants to start all over again after a break-up.  Starting over means forgeting all the hardship she had endured on her previous relationship and enjoy life after.

That’s what we did upon reaching the crater of Mt. Pinatubo.  After the long and tiring trekking, we relaxed and enjoyed life.  And this is what the place reminds us:  that after the destruction lies beauty of a new life.

After resting, we opt to go closer to the lake.  Not because we want to swim, but because Marie wants to fullfill a dream of getting close to a volcano’s mouth.  And so we took a long stair going down to reach Mt. Pinatubo’s Lake.


For the adventurers, please obey by the rules.  It’s for your own protection.  Besides, you don’t want to be in the news the next day, right? 🙂



Based on our guides website, we can hire a boat & roam the lake for a certain fee.  But because of the recent accident that had happened, the management of the park decided to stop it until further notice which is fine with our group.  A part of me was scared and have this wild imagination that once we go on a boat tour, the water will suddenly boil & will toast us then the volcano will erupt.  HAHAHAHA! (Silly me).

After resting & enjoying the place for more than an hour, we decided to head back to our starting point.

Our groups photo before we go down and trek back to our starting point

Our group photo before we go down and trek back to our starting point

I don’t know why but I felt that going back to our meeting place was a lot easier.  Maybe because we were happier now with what we have achieved.  So in no time, we saw our jeep and head to Pinatubo Spa Town for our lunch.

Though we were 7, we ordered 6 Filipino lunch meals because our driver (Roger) said one meal is good for 2 people.  Since Mommy A and I are trying to go on a diet and minimize our carb intake, we agreed to share one.  But after trekking, we were thinking if our decision was correct since we were both craving for rice and we were really starving.

Lo and behold, our decision was correct!  We thought our lunch was packed in styrofoam but it was served to us on a sitdown family style.

Enjoying our Filipino Lunch

Enjoying our Filipino Lunch

Because we were so tired & hungry, I forgot to take pictures of our food before we dig in.  But for your info, our Filipino Lunch comprised of eggdrop soup, roasted chicken, stir-fry rice noodles, chopsuey, steamed water spinach (kangkong), potato salad, steamed rice & ripe latundan banana for our dessert.  Since we were billed for 6 people, we paid Php 1500 only.  That’s Php 250 savings 🙂

While eating, the mother of our friend Cynthia reminded us to bathe in lukewarm or hot water because of an old Filipino belief that we might get “pasma” (Sorry.  Don’t know the equivalent English word for that.  Your feedback is highly appreciated :D).  We asked our server if the Php 100 we will pay if we use their shower facility has an available hot shower & she said no.  So all of us did not took a bath and instead washed our face, brushed our teeth, settled for a sponge bath instead and changed our clothes to clean ones.

Since we were tired and excited to go home, we no longer avail of the spa services in the Pinatubo Spa Town.  We did not even avail of the Capas National Shrine Tour even if it was only for Php 10 which our driver understand.



Out of kindness, Roger passed the gate of Capas National Shrine for us to view.  He even drove the van closer to the gate for me to take a picture of the monument!

Capas National Shrine Monument : this is the farthest that my camera can zoom in

Capas National Shrine Monument : this is the farthest that my camera can zoom in

For your information:  The Capas National Shrine is a memorial to the Filipino and American soldiers who died in Camp O’Donnell at the end of the Bataan Death March.  The shrine encompasses 54 hectares of parkland, 35 hectares of which have been planted with rows of trees to represent each of the deceased.  A 70-meter obelisk towers above the grounds of the former interment camp.  The obelisk is surrounded by  a black marble wall engraved with the names of the Filipinos and Americans known to have died.  

We were tired but happy at the same time.  Though sore, we have smile on our faces till we reach our homes.  Tell our families and friends about our adventure, reminded of our hardship, but the achievement we have accomplished was the most memorable.

My friend, any questions about the trip? I’m glad to answer them for you. 🙂




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