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My friend, are you going to Hong Kong?  I love that place!  HK (short cut for Hong Kong) is sentimental to me because it was the first country that I have visited and I love the combined Chinese & European charm it has.  I believe this is the most visited country of Filipinos because of its affordable HK$ to Philippine Peso exchange rate (as of this time, it’s Php 5.24 = HK$), no visa requirement for us & the different tourist attractions it offers that are not yet available in my country like Disneyland.

Most travellers, especially if it will be their first time to go to another country, choose to hire the services of Travel Agencies to arrange their tour & hotel reservations for them.  It is not bad especially if you know a trusted agency to arrange it for you but do expect to shell out more money.  If budget is a concern for you, arranging the trip on your own is very possible.  Here are some tips to guide you on your DIY Hong Kong Trip:

1.  Subscribe to different airlines websites offering flights to Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific - flying with them was the best I ever experienced

Cathay Pacific – flying with them was the best I ever experienced

Here in the Philippines, the most popular ones are Philippine Airlines (our official flag-carrier), Air Philippines, Cebu Pacific, Air Asia & Tiger Airways (via SeaAir).  From time to time, they release special discount to flights not only to HK but also to different parts of the country or Asia.  Which leads me to these sub-tips:

  a.  Choose flights during weekdays – Airlines offer cheaper rates if you choose any flight from Monday to Thursday especially if it does not fall in any HK or Philippine holidays.  Even if they do not offer discounts, it will still be cheaper if you choose to fly on weekdays.  Just use your Vacation Leave credits for your trip.

  b.  Compare prices – Choose among available airlines that offer the most affordable rate because sometimes the advertising they have is deceiving.  Cebu Pacific is very popular because it always release promotions for discounted rate only to find out that Air Philippines, most of the time, is cheaper because of the different rate for taxes & surcharges they include. With the latest Hong Kong trip I’ve had with B and my friend, we booked at Air Philippines from DMIA to Hong Kong, and Cebu Pacific from Hong Kong to NAIA 3.

Do try out bigger airlines, too.  Their name might be associated on being costly but you’ll be surprised that they also have promotions you can afford plus excellent amenities & services.  Cathay Pacific is known to be one of the best airlines in the world.  You may have this notion that they are expensive knowing that they are the official flag-carrier of China, won multiple awards and offer more flights around the globe.  But I did booked a roundtrip flight with them going HK when they had a promo for Php 7,000 only!  It may sound expensive but the price includes freebies not offered by other local carriers like they use Boeing Aircraft, 20 kilo baggage allowance, onboard meals, use of their movie, music & TV library, comfortable seats, use of their pillows & blankets in case you want to sleep during flight, spacious leg room for economy class and excellent customer service!

If Cathay Pacific still intimidates your wallet, try to check at their cheaper sibling named Dragon Air which is equally wonderful yet affordable.

  c.  DMIA vs. NAIA – In scouting for airline deals, you will notice that if your chosen flight is on Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) at Clark Field, Pampanga the rate you will get is cheaper versus choosing to fly from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) at Pasay City, Manila.  They are even advertising that DMIA is a better airport!  Well, Clark Airport (another term to call DMIA) has wider airstrip and very promising.  Shuttle services going directly to Clark Airport is now available with terminals located at the back of SM Megamall (courtesy of Philtranco) and Trinoma (for more info on Trinoma-DMIA Bus Terminal, click here) with additional cost for travellers.  As of this time, DMIA’s air-conditioning sucks, have very limited & not tourist-friendly food selection with very few sitting area that they cannot accomodate the influx of travellers going there.  NAIA have issues with its facilities & services but still, I will choose to fly here because of its proximity to my house & office which will require shorter time for me to travel going there.  Shorter travel means lesser transpo expense.  Unlike if I choose DMIA, I need to allot half-a-day to travel going there.  But still, it’s up to you to decide where to depart/arrive.  At least you know your options.

2.   Stay with a friend

Got a friend who resides in Hong Kong? Visit them and stay with them for the entire vacation and you will never have to pay for any rent! HAHA!  As courtesy, buy goods here in the Phil that you can give your friend as your “payment”.  The first time I went to HK with B, we stayed at B’s friend & former co-worker.  They still buy Filipino food products in HK even if they are expensive because they miss the taste of it.  So giving them sampaloc mix (tamarind soup mix), instant pancit canton or the humble kornik isjoy to them.

3.   No friends in HK?  Stay in a hostel/boarding house

Gone were the days that you need to allot a fortune to pay for your room.  There are so many websites that you can choose from in booking for hostels which are way cheaper than hotels.  Do browse at websites like hostel, hostelbookers, hostelworld, booking & others.  Just search using the ever-reliable Google for it.

In choosing a place, consider its proximity to the key areas you will visit and travel convenience.  So make sure that your temporary home in HK is near any MTR or bus station.

4.   Visit http://www.discoverhongkong.com

That is Hong Kong Tourism Board’s website where you can research on different attractions they offer.  It also provide helpful tips and links to events and places you want to go to and how to get there.

5.   Choose to visit places that are for free

The best things (or places) in life are for free.  Ocean Park & HK Disneyland are the popular ones but you have to shell out more moolah not only for their entrance fee but also for food and souvenirs they sell inside are expensive.  These places do not allow their guest to bring food and drinks inside their premises.  If you are on limited budget, visit any parks or temples in HK with no entrance fee.  Tsim Sha Tsui (or TST) is known for free attractions like Avenue of Stars & Clock Tower.  The same area is the venue of  “A Symphony of Lights” show in the evening which you can enjoy for free, too.  HK have beautiful and well-maintained parks and temples that you can visit.  Just research on the places near where you will stay.

6.  Look for discounted rates to different attractions

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that hotels, hostels or boarding houses registered and recognized by HK Tourism Board have special privileges like offering discounted rates to some of their country’s attraction.  So do check out with your chosen place to stay if they sell Ocean Park and Disneyland tickets cause they are cheaper compared to buying online or on their entrance.  If you are just staying at your friend’s place, buy tickets at the airport.  My friends and I bought tickets at Counter A04 of HK International Airport when we arrived.  They sell discounted tickets to different HK attractions.  Our group of 3 availed of their Disney tickets for HK$ 370 which is $29 cheaper online (original price is HK$ 399 if you buy online or at their gate).

7.   Prepare your money

You are going to Hong Kong so please have your pesos exchange to HK Dollars in your country to maximize the value of your hard-earned money.  Though you can still exchange your Philippine Pesos to HK$ in Hong Kong, your pesos will heve lower value.

Whenever I travel abroad, I always have 3 currencies with me:

a.  Philippine Pesos – To spend while at the airport for food, pay for travel tax & terminal fee before departure, and for transportation in case no one will drop me off or pick me up at the airport.

b.  Currency of the country I will visit – like HK Dollars.  To use when I get there.

c.  Other currencies like US, Australian or Canadian Dollars, British Pound or Euros – This is optional but I highly recommend this especially if you will stay in a certain country for undetermined period of time.  These currencies are widely circulated which is acceptable in all countries.  The reason why you need to have them is for cases that you have limited HK$’s with you because your bank or the money changer ran out of it or there is a possibility that you need more money.  At least the currencies stated can be exchanged easily in HK, or anywhere in the world, with higher value.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not have millions nor a bottomless wallet.  It’s just that I want to be prepared and with back-up in case of any incident that may happen.  But do remember that with our Bureau of Customs, you are only allowed to carry money worth US$ 10,000 or its equivalent.  Do read this helpful article for more information about travel funds.

Not comfortable bringing huge cash in your pocket?  Apply for a Cash Card.  Most banks now offer Cash Cards with Visa or Mastercard signs which means you can use them anywhere in the world.  You may also bring your Credit Card with you (if you have) but bring only one to control your spending.  Just make sure that before you leave, you have enough funds and you called your bank to have it activated and check their exchange rate.  Some credit cards need special activation from your bank, others have extra rate if you use them abroad.  If you will ask me, I still use cash because I don’t want to be surprised with huge bill I will have with credit cards.

8.   Street Food

Mongkok Night Market - a place for affordable shopping & street food galore

Mongkok Night Market – a place for affordable shopping & street food galore

If you want to blend in the crowd and want to get to know any place that you will visit, go out of the street and avail of the different street foods.   The siew mai on the streets of HK are authentic, incomparable to our siomai and way better than in restaurants.  Plus, it is cheaper.  But if you still want to be on the safe side, malls have Food Republic inside.  It is a food concessionaire comparable to Food Court at SM Malls or Food Choices at Ayala Malls in our country.  The different food stalls offers value meals complete with rice, soup & viand.  Start to learn how to use chopsticks for spoon and fork are not available.

9.  The more, the merrier and the cheaper

This applies to travelling and shopping.  If you are travelling in a group and will stay in boarding house, the room that you will pay will be a lot more affordable.  If you will shop at the night market or any street market, the discount you will get will be bigger if you haggle for items you will buy in bulk.  Another warning: shop keepers in Hong Kong are not really kind.  My friend asked the price of key chains she intend to buy in a stall at Mongkok Night Market.  The female shop keeper mentioned the amount and my friend tried to haggle.  When they did not agree with the price, my friend kindly declined but the shopkeeper shouted at my friend!  But, they will be kinder if you will really buy from them and even  give you blessings.

While reviewing my post, I noticed that the tips are also applicable if you are travelling to any destination in the Philippines or abroad.  I am just specific here since I recently went to Hong Kong and planning to go back there once I have enough resources (hehe!).  I hope my tips were helpful to finalize your trip to HK.

So my friend, when will you go to Hong Kong?  Enjoy your trip! 🙂



78 thoughts on “Hong Kong On A Budget

  1. good day.. we are travelling for a group of 8 on december 1-4, 2013 from Philippines. All of us are first timers in HK. With my 60 year old parents, 5 siblings and 1 4year old baby girl. we will arrive in HKIA at 9am on december 1. and our flight back to Philippines on December 4,2013 is 9::00am. we will be staying at USA hostel at mirador mansion. please give us an itinerary to make our stay a super memorable.. if possible we would like to visit ngongping 360, big buddha, the peak, ride the tram, madam tussauds, ocean park until symbio, disneyland until fireworks, ladies market, fa yuen because we will buy shoes, avenue of stars, star ferry a,d we love to watch symphony of lights.. please help us to make our itinerary for us not to waste our time.

    • Hi Reci! Thanks for reading my blog. December is the best time to go to HK because the temperature is colder that you will really feel the holidays. For 4d/3n stay and the activities your family would like to do, expect a jam-packed, quite tiring but fun and memorable vacation. Below is my suggested itinerary but feel free to tweak anything.

      Day 1 (Dec. 1, Sun)
      – Take the Tram to go to The Peak and Skyview 428 (It is best to have lunch here and choose any restaurants with the spectacular view of HK)
      – Go to Madame Tussard.
      – Go to Star Ferry Pier at Central. Ride a ferry going to Avenue of Stars
      – Go to Fa Yuen to shop for shoes
      – Go back to Avenue of Stars. Stay there until Symphony of Lights which starts at 8:00pm. (Based on my research, your hostel is near Tsim Sha Tsui MTR which is close to Avenue of Stars).

      If you lack time, you can skip the Star Ferry and go straight to Fa Yuen after Madame Tussard via MTR. After shopping, go to Avenue of Stars. Make sure to be there while the sun is up so you can see all attractions. Dine at one of the coffee shops there while waiting for Symphony of Lights.

      Day 2 (Dec. 2, Mon)
      – Ocean Park till Symbio which starts at 7:00pm (It is best to go to theme parks during weekdays since it is less crowded)
      – Go to Ladies Market. You can shop here till 12 midnight!

      Day 3 (Dec. 3, Tue)
      – Early at Ngong Ping 360 (Best to avail of roundtrip cable ride for your convenience). The place is a beauty, it’s actually my favorite place in HK. But don’t stay too much here because you will all go to . . .
      – HK Disneyland. Stay there till fireworks. (Both Ngong Ping & Disney are located in Lantau Island)

      Day 4 (Dec. 4, Wed)
      – Be at the airport at 6:00am. HKIA is so huge! Being there at least 3 hours before your flight will give you enough time to look for your airline counter, line up at immigration & look for your gate. If you woke up late and have money to spare, avail of the HK Airport Express. You’ll be at the airport in less than 30 minutes.

      TIP: Buy Octopus Card at the Airport. You can use them to pay for your bus and/or MTR ride. For a newbie in HK, MTR is your friend. Go online to know the MTR Stations going to your destinations.
      Have a safe and wonderful trip! Let me know if you still have questions 

  2. This is a helpful blog 🙂 i will be travelling again to HK march 2014, the first time I went there. I was with my boyfriend which is my husband now. Hahah and next year, we’ll be back with my husband, daughter (1y.o), my mom, my brother and maybe my dad too. So its gonna be different now, the first time we went there, our budget was sky is the limit but now of course its diff cause ill be paying hahahah but i dont want to compromise our vacation, u know what i mean. So how much do u think the budget per person per day? I just want to be ready just in case 🙂

    • Hi Jamie! Thanks for the appreciation. Your budget per person really depends on where you want to go, the place you want to stay and the type of restaurant you want to go to. What I can suggest though is how you can make your trip more affordable which I posted on this blog entry. Based on experience and of my friends who went there, PHP 12000-15000 budget sounds safe. But then again, it still depends on the things you and your family will do in HK.

      Enjoy your trip with your family! Let me know if you have more questions 🙂

  3. Dear Tinakits:

    I have read your blog and thanks that I have found a very helpful and informative write-up from you. The itinerary you suggested for Reci is a brand of a diligent traveller like you. Me and my wife will go for a 4 N/5 D trip to Hongkong before X-mas and we’ll stay in a small hostel at Tsim Sham Tsui.

    By the way, are tourists like us can be allowed to go to Macau via ferry?

    Salamat. Maligayang Pasko at Makabuluhang Bagong taon.

    • Hi! Thanks for reading my blog and for the positive feedback 🙂 Of course! Y0u can hop on a ferry and go to Macau from HK. Going to Macau is also visa-free! Although the currency in Macau is Pataca, you can still use your HK$ to spent while you’re there. Will you and your wife stay for a night or will just do a day tour? Make sure that you check out the schedule of the ferries to plan your itinerary.

      Enjoy the cold weather in HK and Macau with your wife. Happy holidays, too! 🙂

  4. Hello! My friend and I will go to HK on April 8-11, 2014. It’s actually my first time but for her i guess more than 5 times that’s why we’re not going to take a tour and we’re going to do it on our own. But please help us arrange our itinerary for 4 days and 3 nights. Our flight going to HK is at 8:00am to 10:15 am while going back to MNL is at 6:10pm to 8:20pm. We still haven’t booked on our hotel and we want to know how much pocket money should we bring including the entrance fees, transpo, food, etc. Also, we want to spend 1 day on Disneyland and we’re planning to take a look on Macau (maybe late afternoon til night). Please help us! 🙂 Btw, is it cold there on the days that we’ll be there? And if you have ideas about affordable hotels like till 10k for 3 nights feel free to suggest any of them. 🙂

    • Hi Camille! Thanks for reading my blog. I am not really sure where you want to go and your interest (sightseeing, theme parks, shopping, etc). To be general, your first day can be spent going to any scenic spots in HK. Evenings can be spent doing shopping at any malls or night markets. Go to Macau on the 2nd day and tour the small place by taking advantage of the free bus rides courtesy of the big hotel casinos. Just make sure to check the schedules of the ferry for you not to miss it in the evening. Take a chance to visit either Disney or Ocean Park and spend the whole day on your 3rd day. Relax on the 4th day and have a quick tour to other scenic destinations close to your hotel or the airport. Be at the airport 3 hours before your flight.

      I have not spent in any hotels in HK yet. But do check out bookings.com for the cheapest inns. As for the weather, April is like Tagaytay temperature. But that’s only my assessment. Do check http://www.hko.gov.hk/contente.htm for the latest weather updates in HK.

      Enjoy your vacation! 🙂

  5. hi tinakits. thanks for all the infos in your blogs. may i ask if you havent have any problems with the immigration regarding booking different airlines to and fro? for our trip, i booked airasia manila to macau. i still dont have a ticket going back and still waiting for promos. i might book hongkong to manila thru cebu pacific. will that be ok for the immigration?

    • Hi Ashly! Thanks for the compliment. I once booked the same way as you do before and I have not encountered any problem in the Immigration. Just make sure that both tickets are printed and ready for presentation because they will ask you for your roundtrip tickets.

      Have a safe flight and enjoy your vacay! 🙂

      • Thanks a lot Tinakits. I just hope and pray that airasia wont cancel the flight because they have that reputation. We are so excited with this trip because its our first time to go out of the country.

  6. Hi miss tinakits, great blog 😉 anyways, my friend and I were planning to go to HK for 3d/2n but we are on a really really tight budget max is 15k. Would that be possible? Can u give us any advice for the cheapest room rates in h.k and an itinerary as well, Disneyland is on my top list, other than that, you can make suggestions for our tour. Thank you so so much.. God bless!!

    • Hi Annemir! Thanks for the compliment :). It is very possible to enjoy HK for 15k or less. To fully maximize your money, I suggest that you visit places in HK that are for free. On your first day, take the MTR and go down Diamond Hill station to visit Nan Lian Garden & Chin Lin Nunnery. Then, go to MTR East Tsim Sha Tsui and walk along Avenue of Stars with Victoria Harbour as its background. You will also see the famous Clock Tower there. You can stay there in the evening to watch Symphony of Lights. After which, go to the Night Market to shop for trinkets. Just make sure to buy in bulk and haggle 😉 . By the way, all of the places I’ve mentioned for your 1st day does not have any fee! Reserve your 2nd day solely for Disney to enjoy all the rides, watch all their shows, see the parade and take picture with all Disney Characters. Just make sure that you eat heavy breakfast because the food inside the park are quite expensive and you can’t bring food and water inside. Do stay at Disney till night time to watch their dreamy fireworks display. On day 3, prepare your stuff and be at the airport 3 hours before your flight.

      As for the place to stay, I can’t refer to to a specific place but do research on Budget Inns. Bookings.com’s website has more selection with regards to affordable Inn’s you can stay.

      Have a safe and memorable HK Trip. Enjoy the holidays and May God Bless Us All! 🙂

  7. Oh my!! you are such an angel girl.. thank you. I will be makulit and makapal na ha?? 🙂 Guess, i’ll be leaving tons of questions to you on the days to come. I hope you wouldn’t mind?? Coz finally, I found somebody who can help us with our adventure.

    I’d like to add Victoria Peak and Ngong Ping to our tour. Would that be possible to include on our first day? If that so, pasok pa din ba sa budget namin??

    Thanks in advance girl 🙂

    • Hahaha! Sure thing 🙂 Both Victoria Peak and Ngong Ping are excellent places to add. But based on limited time you have and the proximity to the city, Victoria’s Peak is more realistic to add on your itinerary. Buy a roundtrip ticket to ride The Peak Tram with entrance to the Sky Terrace 428. If you want to see Maddame Tussards, you can also do it here. The price for the 3 will cost you around Php 1800 (est.). But to save more money, use your credit card and buy tickets online weeks before your trip. If both you and your friend don’t have any credit card, buy all tickets for Victoria Peak and Disney at Counter A04 of Hong Kong International Airport once you arrive there.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  8. okay thanks miss tinakits. We will just finalize our chosen tourist destinations ASAP and most probably I’ll be (once again) asking you for itinerary. You are such a big help girl.. Thanks.

    • Hi again miss tinakits. We are planning to stay in Anne Black guest house at No.5 Man Fuk Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong but I am pretty unsure about its location. I’d like to ask if it is near to the places we like to visit most esp to the airport? And if you have time and I know it is too much to ask but I’m asking anyway 🙂 Can you help us on the itinerary you provided? I am not familiar on how to reach those places starting from the airport 😀

      Thanks in advance! 🙂 God bless..

      • Hi again Annemir! Based on research, your hotel is near MTR Kowloon Station. Your hotel is very far from the airport but definitely you can take the MTR to go to your hotel and to the places I have mentioned. Since I provided you the MTR sations of the places you can go based on my last comment, visit MTR’s website to know the distance and the exact fare you will spent from your hotel. Here’s the link for easy access: http://www.mtr.com.hk/jplanner/flash_eng/index.php . Type in your location on the box that says “Boarding Station” and type the MTR Station where your place of interest is located on the “Destination” box. For example: Since your hotel is located at Kowloon Station, type Kowloon on “Boarding Station”. If you want to go to Chin Nunnery & Nan Lian Garden which are all located at MTR Diamond Hill Station, type “Diamond Hill” on the “Destination Box”. The website will provide you the duration on how long will it take you there, the fare and the map. Don’t worry too much since MTR is very easy to navigate even for a first=timer like you. Just look around and follow the instructions.

        Hope this helps. 🙂

  9. Hi Miss Tinakits! Thanks for the info, your blog is very helpful. My friends and i (we’re 7) will go to HK this coming February 26-28, 2013. Our flight going to HK is at 4:40 pm while going back to Manila is 9:55 pm. We already booked our hotel and paid for it. I would like to ask some suggestions on our itinerary based on our flight schedules, hindi kasi kami nakakuha ng magandang flight sched. 😀 We would love sana if we can go to Disneyland on our last day (morning till probably 6pm kasi our flight is 9:55pm) para on the way narin kami to airport, will just bring na lang our luggage and leave it on concierge (is this possible?). What is the best and cheap places that we can go to starting from our arrival and the following day (Last day kasi is dedicated daw to Disneyland lang. :D) And is Php 15K ok for food, travel expense, shopping and disney? Thank you in advance. 😀 Godbless.

    • Hi Regine! Thanks for reading my blog. It’s nice that you will go to HK when it’s still cold. I agree that you have limited time to spend there but still you can maximize it:

      Day 1 – Once you check-in and settle a bit, go to Victoria Harbor at Tsim Sha Tsui before 8:00 PM to witness the Symphony of Lights show. You can roam arund the area to see the Avenue of Stars and have dinner there.

      Day 2 – Go to Chin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden to appreciate the culture of HK. The best thing is, it’s for free! If you still have the resources, go and visit The Peak. Go there and take the tram. After which, go to Ladies Market to shop for cheap finds.

      Day 3 – Your HK Disney Plan. Just make sure that all of you will set the alarm of your phone or watch so that you can leave the place before 6PM. I’m quite worried on this because you will be engrossed with the Disney experience and it’s a huge place that going from one place to another already consumes time plus the long queue to get in to their rides and shows. Disney has service of keeping your luggages but it incurs additional fee not included on the ticket you will purchase.

      About the budget, 15k is good for budget travellers and if you will not eat at restaurants or cafes and will settle with street foods and Food Republic inside malls. Or, you can bring your own pre-packed and easy-to-cook foods like noddles in cup, biscuits, 3-in-1 coffees in sachets and oatmeals. Believe me, it will really help you save money ;). Just take note of my tips on my blogpost. Enjy your vacay! 🙂

      • Hi Ms. Tinakits! Thanks a lot po. I’m sure our HK trip will be so amaaaaaaazing! Maybe we’ll add na lang some pocket money pa, parang 15K kasi is not enough. Ipon pa ng konti. Haha. Thank you also for your suggested itinerary, this will help us a lot po talaga. I hope na we can go to all the places you’ve mentioned. Maraming salamat po ulit and Godbless.

  10. Hi! I’m also going there this Feb16-19. How cold the weather in HK will be? Can you please suggest what to wear? 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hi Camille! Generally, February is one of the coldest months in HK. When we went there Feb last year, half of the days we spent there we were all wearing jackets the entire day. But the other half of our stay, we were all sweating. To be safe, bring your trusty jacket that you can carry around when touring. Do visit HK Observatory’s website to check for weather updates and forecast. Here’s their website: http://www.hko.gov.hk/contente.htm

      Hope this helps. Enjoy your vacation, too 🙂

  11. Hi Tinakits, ask ko lang po… 15k pocket money is good for two na po ba sa hongkong? yun lang kasi ang max namin,, we are not planning to go to disney land kasi wala naman admission only dun, di naman kami mahilig sa rides, and can i ask for any suggestion for free place to go, we are staying there for 5 days and 4 nights… we have already booked for hotel, thanks to you po,, meron kami nakuha budget hotel

    • Hi Mr. Clutch! Thanks for reading. It seems that you are one of the budget-conscious travellers who still wants to enjoy a vacation without spending too much. With the current state of our Philippine Pesos, 15 thousand for 2 people in HK is not enough since you will stay there for 5 days and 4 nights. I cannot even give an exact amount you need to bring. To project the amount, consider alloting HK$ 20-50 for an eat out. a thousand peso or two to spend for small trinkets or pasalubong, the hotel or inn you will stay in, and the MTR rides you will spend to go from one place to another. To budget the exact MTR fare, go to their website at http://www.mtr.com.hk/eng/homepage/cust_index.html .

      As for the free attractions, go to Victoria Harbour for the Avenue of Stars, Clock Tower and watch the Symphony of Lights in the evening. Visit Chin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden which are close to each other. Go to Ngong Ping via bus and roam around the area for free. Do note that some attractions there (like climbing on top of the Big Buddha or riding their cable car) have minimal charge. For more information, go to HK Tourism Board (website is http://www.discoverhongkong.com/)to research more on other places you can visit without any fee.

      Hope this helps. Enjoy your vacation! 🙂

      • Hi Tinakits, thanks for fast response, we are planning to budget our stay in hongkong for 3,000 hongkong dollars, our concern is that, how much is the octopus card, if we break that up, 300/day for food = 1500 for 5 days, then 600 for octopus card, and 900 for night market,, okay na po ba yan as our budget? thanks madam,,,

      • The standard Octopus card is worth HK$50 of which HK$30 of it is for the card itself and HK$20 to use to pay for the ride. The card is reloadable in any MTR stations. Do plan out your itinerary so that you will have an idea of the exact amount you will spend for transportation. MTR is the best transportation for foreigners like us. To help you out with the transpo budget, plan out where you want to go and the closest MTR station going to the place you want to visit by visiting HK Tourism Board’s website which I already provided on my first response, then visit MTR’s website cause it will provide you with the exact fee going to your place of interest. Their website was already provided on my previous response. You can also visit Octopus Card’s website for more info: http://www.octopus.com.hk/home/en/index.html .


  12. Hi tinakits,

    Ask ko lang po okay lang ba mag book ng room good for 1 person tapos 2 persons kami gagamit… thanks

    • Though you can do that, but the hotel/inn that you will stay in will still ask you to pay extra for the 2nd person especially if you will check-in and they see that you’re 2 rather than 1. If the place said the room is only good for 1 person, it means it is really good for 1 person only. Especially in HK, inns are very, very small unlike in hotels. Regardless if you will stay in an inn or hotel, let’s book based on the real number of people that will stay in a room. 😉

  13. Hi tinakits..
    Your blog is informative & very helpful.. It’s my first time to travel in HK with my husband and 2 kids 9y/o & 2y/o.. We will stay there for 6D & 5N at bridal tea house sung woi toi rd, kwa wan 1 kowloon. Our arrival in HK is on may 18, 2014 at 8:55am & our departure is on may 23, 2014 at 9:55am.. We would like to visit disneyland, ocean park & macau and some places in hk that are free to visit.. And cheapest shopping center.. How much do you think will it cost? so that I can budget our money.. PLEASE give us an itinerary for us to feel comfortable and our tour to be memorable & fun. I’ve been searching to google & watching videos in youtube but I think you’re the one I’m looking for. BTW.. About d weather is it cold on the moth of may? I’m hoping that you could help us. Thank you in advance 🙂

    • Hi Jemzane! Thanks for reading. It’s nice to know that you find my blog helpful. Need to tell you something and I will be honest with you. Previously, I was confident to quote a budget for any trip abroad. But due to the current exchange rate we have plus some updates on prices, I can’t really say and exact amount that you can spend. In order for you to budget for your trip, I suggest that you visit the websites of Ocean Park, HK Disneyland and Star Ferry to see their exact rate. As for the fare, MTRs website is very helpful to know the fare from the nearest MTR station in your hotel to the attractions your family will go to. As for food, allot HK$ 40-70 dollars for a full meal. Since you have kids with you, I suggest that you bring cookies and other smal and light snacks where ever you go. Whenever I go, domestic or overseas, I always have a pack of knick knacks with me and I saved money! 😉

      As for the itinerary, here’s my suggestion (assuming that you will go to Macau on excursion and will not stay for a night there):

      Day 1 – Arrive in HK, check in and rest a bit. In the afternoon, go to TST and go to Avenue of Stars, Clock Tower and other attractions there all for free! Stay until 8PM to watch Symphony of Lights, also for free 😉

      Day 2 – Spend the entire day at Ocean Park. Please stay till evening so you can watch their Symbio.

      Day 3 – Whole day at Disney. Stay there till evening to watch their dreamy fireworks.

      Day 4 – Macau excursion! Take the ferry to go there. Avail of the free shuttle rides from the different hotel casinos there outside the port. I suggest that you visit The Venetia, Wynsum and Galaxy Hotels. Take their free bus again to go to Senado Square to see their Portuguese-inspired buildings and also to view the Ruins of St. Paul. Yup! No entrance fees to everything I mentioned. Just make sure that when the sun starts to set, you’re at the ferry to go back to HK.

      Day 5 – Go to Chin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden to see temples. Yup! Its free, too. Spend all your remaining dollars at Ladies Market to buy souvenirs. Don’t forget to pack your haggling skills with you since you will need it especially if you will buy items in bulk.

      Day 6 – Prepare to go to the airport. Be there at least 3 hours before your flight.

      I really placed the temples at the last day of your tour since you can go there later in the morning so you can wake up late from the events the previous days and you will not go home a little less tired. It’s better of that your last day will be spent on places that have flexible time, within HK and near your hotel so you can slow things down a bit and be more relaxed on your last day in HK. By the way, Hk weather in May is just like June in the Philippines with more chances of light rains (Hihihi! I feel like a weather girl :)).

      I know your family will enjoy HK. Stay safe and I hope I helped you in my own little ways. 🙂

  14. Gusto ko mag travel din sa hongkong..kaso mag isa lang ako..meron ba pwede mag sama saken jan? Please! Please! Or kung wala ako lang talaga mag isa..mag eenjoy pa dn ba ko alone? Tru trave agency ako..15k daw ok na lahat?

    • Hi Alexa! As much as I want to join you, I am so tied up with so many things. HAHAHA! Seriously, you can still enjoy any trip even if you’re alone. But I guess you want to have a company with you so joining any group tour is best. Aside from going to a new place, you will also gain new friends along the way.

      Stay safe and dont be afraid to go on adventure! 🙂

  15. Hi nice post we’ve also just been to HK for a 3-day trip on a tight budget and it was still awesome. Since it’s my bf’s first time we went to all the major attractions minus the wax museum. The key here is thorough preparation before going on a budget trip and blogs like this is a huge help. 🙂

    • Aww! So sweet of you! I agree that where ever you want to go, domestic or international, we all have to make sure to research to plan well. Blogs are helpful cause it is created by people who experienced it firsthand. That’s why I created this to help or inspire people that multiple options are available.

      Thanks for the appreciation, my friend Pyxissagitta! Cheers to our successful travels and for more adventures ahead!

  16. Hi we’re going to travel in HK on March 21-23 3D/2N, we avail a package tour but it is only on the 2nd day which includes HK & macau city tour. Can you please give us an itinerary for the 1st & 3rd day, coz we’ll arrived in HK on 21 @9:20am & on 23 depart @10:55pm so we have a lot of time. We’ll be staying in rambler hotel. We would like to go to ngongping 360, peak tram, symphony of lights, madam tussaud wax museum, night market, tsim sha tsui, avenue of the stars. If you know any other place we can go please do include.:). Thank you

    • Hi Charlotte! Thanks for reading. I am not sure of your complete itinerary on your HK & Macau City Tour. But based on the package tours I’m seeing, it usually includes a tour to Tsim Sha Tsui where Avenue of the Stars is located. So on your first day after settling in on your chosen hotel, take the MTR and go to Central go to Victoria Peak via Peak Tram. Take your lunch at Sky Terrance to enjoy the scenery of Central HK. After which, go to Madame Tussard. If you still have the energy to spare, shop at the night market. After your tour on your second day, make sure to be at Victoria Harbour before 8 PM so you can watch Symphony of Lights.

      Is your hotel near Tsing Yi MTR Station? That’s a good location because it is just a few stations away to Tung Chung Station, the starting point to go to Ngong Ping. Once you go down at Tung Chung MTR Station, you will see Citygate Outlet Store where you can roam around, have lunch and enjoy discounted shopping for branded items all at discounted rates. The mall is also a bus ride away from the airport. So if you will go here, you can already bring your luggage and keep them at the malls locker services for a fee. In the afternoon, take the cable car and enjoy the view of Lantau Island while going to Ngong Ping Village. Roam around the area and don’t miss climbing the Big Buddha to see it up close, light an incense at Po Lin Monastery and enjoy the scenery while guessing what’s behind the characters carved on the tall wooden boards standing at the Wisdom Path. Go back to Citygate Outlet Mall via Cable Car again, have an early dinner, collect your stuff, look for Bus Station S1 and take the double decker bus going to the airport which is conveniently located at the back of the mall.

      Though your flight going back to Manila is at 10 PM, make sure that you’re at the airport around 6 or 7 PM in order for you to have ample time to look for your terminal at the very huge HK International Airport.

      By the way, this is just a suggestion based on my experience. You can make revisions depending on your groups’ choice and convenience, too. But I hope this helps. Enjoy your vacation in HK next month! 

      • Hi tinakits thank you very much it’s really a big big help.:)). What will you suggest because we avail a package tour right and on the 3rd day they will pick us up in the hotel for airport depart, what will be convenient to take a bus going to airport or come back to the hotel?

        For our tour package in HK & macau they didn’t include tsim sha tsui tour because after macau we will go back to kowloon on our own, where is tsim sha tsui located?

        I’m really lucky that I read your blog coz I don’t have any idea what we will do on our 1st & 3rd day stay. I’m going there with my mom just the 2 of us.haha. Your suggestion is fantastic. Thank you.:))

      • Hi again Charlotte! It would be best to go back to your hotel after your tour in Ngong Ping so you can save your money for luggages and spend it instead on extra shopping. HAHA! Just make sure that you are all prepared and at the hotel before your pick-up time.

        As for TST or Tsim Sha Tsui, it is located at Kowloon area. If you will take Turbojet to go back to HK, its terminal is far from the Avenue of Stars. You may either take the MTR to go there. Or you may ask your tour guide if they have more convenient option to go that place.

        Hope I helped you in some ways. Enjoy! 🙂

  17. Hi your blog is very helpful. I just wanna ask if you think 15k budget is enough for 5 days stay in hk? + Disneyland?

    • Hi Janelle! Thanks for reading. In budgeting, do consider the price for your lodging, fare, food, the entrance fees of the places you wanted go plus emergency fund, just in case, and the current exchange rate of PHP to HK dollars that 15 thousand pesos may not be enough for 5 days.

      In alloting budget, it is best to have excess to be on the safer side. So list down your itinerary, research on its fees, the fare from your place to the place you will visit and back, food budget good for 3 meals a day plus knick knacks and shopping (in case you want to).

      I may not quote an exact amount but I hope I helped you rethink of your budget and how to plan for it. Cheerio! 🙂

      • Hi! Food cost ranges from HK$ 20-50 depending where you will eat and the food that you will order. As for transportation, it depends where you will go and the distance from your hotel to the place you want to go. I suggest you visit MTR’s website to give you a more accurate result for the fare amount.


  18. we’re going to Hk this feb13-15. We’re family of 4. Husband & I plus 2 kids(4 & 3 y/o). We arranged our tour with a travel agent which includes hotel(rambler), city tour, and disneyland.

    how much more do we need to bring as pocket money. Only breakfast is served at the hotel.

    • can I changed Php Peso to HK$ in HK itself in case we ran out of HKD & USD? We’re bringing around 4.3K HKD & 300USD.

      • Hi Klein!

        I have not experienced changing my Philippine Pesos to HK Dollars in Hong Kong and it may not be converted there. If you do not have any USD, exchange it to other currencies like Canadian or Australian Dollars.

        Hope this helps. 🙂

    • Hi Klein! Thanks for reading. To give you an idea about your budget, consider spending HK$ 20-50 dollars on an eatout for one person depending on where you will eat. Street foods are the best in HK and authentic. But if you want to be on the safe side, go to any malls and look for Food Republic. It is a food concessionaire similar to food courts at SM Malls. Good thing about them is their meals may include rice, viand/s, soup and even drinks depending on the stall. Just add a bit more on your pocket money if you want to go shopping.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  19. hi.. we’re planning to go hongkong this coming march26-28 with my friend we have already hotel reservation/roundtrip ticket. but some of my friend told us that naia/immigration officer’s very strict.even if you are tourist package. we also afraid offloaded. 1> what are the requirements we bring to the airport? 2> how to avoid offloaded? tnx u

    • Hi Anne! Thanks for reading. So far, I have not encountered any problem with Immigration. But to be on the safe side, make sure that your tickets are printed, that’s both going to HK and back to Manila, have your hotel reservations printed and your itinerary, too. Make sure that your passport is not yet expired or at least 6 months prior to its expiration. More importantly, you don’t look sick. I am not kidding here. Because some of my friends have spent an enormous time at immigration when their eyes were really red and look sick. This is for health and sanitation purposes.

      Hope this helps. Enjoy your vacation! 🙂

  20. Hi Tinakits! I was reading your blog since I booked our flight tickets.Not just I find it extremely helpful but most specially , I find it way beyond showing kindness having to spend your time researching and answering queries of people you barely know. And I find your answers very personalize too 🙂 Anyway, I also have a question on what place is best for us to spend our first day in Hongkong. We already have a travel agency and our itinerary starts on the 2nd day. Half day City Tour w/c includes avenue of stars, passby sa Victoria peak, jewelry store, Aberdeen fishing village at sa store outlet ng mga candies, chocolates at pasalubong and halfday Ocean Park, then whole day Disneyland on our third day.

    On our first day, I would want to visit Ngong Ping and visit Night Market and some other places you metioned here like PEAK TRAM and SYMPHONY OF LIGHTS , pero kaya ba namin yan in one day? We will be picked up in the airport by 9am then straight to our hotel. Our arrival date will be this Feb 25th.
    May you please help us with our first day itinerary? We will stay in Rambler’s Oasis Hotel..

    • Hi Rei! Thanks for the appreciation. Avenue of Stars and Ngong Ping are far from each other. The later is located at Kowloon area, near the city. Ngong Ping is at Lantau Island, near the airport. The question will be this: which among the 2 you like to visit most?

      If you choose Avenue of Stars, you can easily go to the Night Market after watching Symphony of Lights. Ngong Ping is my fave because you will get to see the culture of HK and Chinese in general with an amazing view of Lantau Island.

      Ask also your companions on where they want to go, plan and enjoy your vacay! 🙂

  21. Thank you for your prompt reply! 🙂 Super appreciate it talaga.. 🙂
    We’ll just go to Ngong Ping na lang since you said that it’s your fave:) I will be with my hubby 🙂

  22. Hi Tinakits! I’m from Malaysia and I bumped into your blog while looking for tips to travel in HK online 🙂 And I’m glad that I’ve found your blog!! My friends and I (4 of us) will be going to hongkong in May.

    I’d like to know if 5 days is enough for HK + Macau with RM1000 (around 14000 Peso)? Also, my friends and I will probably stay in a university/church hostel near the University Station. Can you please suggest an itinerary for us? Will the weather be hot btw? Thank you Tinakits! 🙂

    • Hi Jin! Thanks for reading and appreciating my simple blog. In any travel, the activities to plan really depends on you and your friends interest. HK is known for its theme parks and busy shopping area. The popular areas to visit are Avenue of Stars, Victoria Peak, Ngong Ping, Ocean Park, Hong Kong Disney, and the numerous malls around the city. If you want to go to their theme parks, allot one whole day for it and stay there until it closes. Why? Ocean Park has Symbio show around the evening, a few minutes before they close. HK Disney has fireworks display which they present before they close for the day, too. Spend one day to go to Victoria Peak and take the Peak Tram to see Sky 100 and Madame Tussard’s Wax Museum. In the afternoon, go to Avenue of Stars and stay until evening to see the Symphony of Lights. Macau is a small area which you can tour for a day. From HK, take the Turbojet Ferry to go to Macau. From the port, just take the free bus ride going to some popular hotels in the area. Go also to Senado Square to get the feel of their Portuguese History and see the Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral.

      As for the budget, it really depends where you want to go and where you will eat. Keep in mind that food wil cost around HK $20-50 depending where you will eat. MTR ride depends on the fare form your place to your destination. To compute for the exact amount, go to MTR’s website.

      Let me know if you need additional help. Vacation is fun if you have friends around. Enjoy! 🙂

  23. Hi! We are leaving for Hong Kong next week and i’m excited and scared at the same time because its my first time to travel abroad. We will be staying at Ho Mong Kokhotel which is in Mong Kok and right across the Ladies Market. I heard it’s a really crowded place. Have you been there? I am a bit concerned if whether or not we will be able to find restos that are cheap and affordable while we are there.

    Part of our itinerary is go to HK Disneyland on our last day and they say bringing food is not allowed there, what do you think is that best way to save some cash on that.

    How much was your budget per meal per person while you were there?

    Also, sorry for the questions, what kind of outlet do you have there? like if say I want to charge my gadgets. lol. is it the 3-prong adapter thing?

    Looking forward for your reply, Tinakis! Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Jewel Joy! Thanks for reading my blog. I understand that you have mixed feellings on your first international travel. Don’t worry too much because HK is a nice place. Mong Kok area is a very busy area since it is a shopping area. It won’t be hard for you to find anything there – even food! Street food is a must try in any place and HK is full of it. But if you wan to be on the safe side, go inside any mall and look for Food Republic. It is comparable to SM Foodcourt where you can buy value meals at reasonable price. Just learn how to use chopstick or bring disposable fork and spoon with you. Allot HK$ 20-50 per meal as budget.

      For Disney, bringing food is not allowed even bottled water! So before you go there, make sure that you’ve had a heavy breakfast or brunch. To be on the safe side, allot HK$ 50-70 for a meal at Disney (I think. I forgot. Hihi! Sorry). As for the outlet, you are correct. It’s a 3-prong thing. Some hotels provide an adapter, some don’t. So better have a converter just in case.

      Enjoy your vacation. I’m sure it will be a memorable one. 🙂

  24. Hi! We are planning to have a vacation with my boyfriend in Hongkong. I’d like to ask if 40k is enough already to stay for 4days and 3nights in Hongkong including the airfare, hotel and our expenses. Can you suggest us where places to go and how much it cost? Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Youngkhaneza! Thanks for reading my blog. I cannot really say if 40k is enough for a single person or for the two of you. But I would give you an idea on the costs.

      Airfare – avail of any seat sale promo. It is common here in the Philippines to have one-peso airfare promotion. But keep in mind the taxes and surcharges you will incur which varies depening on the season and the costs of jet fuel. Allot Php 7k to 9k for roundtrip for a single person.

      Food – Streetfood is the cheapest that you can avail at any place. It is really an adventure to try the food that locals eat and it’s authentic. But if you want to be on the safe side, go to food courts of malls in HK. Malls are a plenty in HK which offers set meals. Allot HK$ 10-50 per meal.

      Transportation – Bus might be confusing for a foreigner in HK. MTR will be your bestfriend in HK which you can easily navigate. The MTR stations are strategically located to different scenic spots in HK. The key there is know where to go first then research on the nearest station. Go to MTR’s website to compute for the fare from your hotel to the place you want to go.

      Places to visit – I am not really sure where you and your boyfriend would like to go. But for couples like you, I suggest that you visit Victoria Peak in the afternoon and have dinner there in the evening overlooking the Central district of HK. The scenery will be romantic. Go to HK Disneyland and stay there till closing to see their magical fireworks. Visit Chin Nunnery and na Lian Garden which are close to each other. The best thing about it is going to these temples are for free. Do visit Victoria Peak and HK Disneyland’s website for their most updated prices.

      In budgeting, consider also if you will go shopping there. To be wise, head to the Ladies Market for cheap finds. You will find so many things not only fitted for us girls but also for your significant other. Also, consider the exchange rate of Philippine Pesos to HK Dollars.

      My apology if I did not answer your question either by a yes or a no. Spending for vacation really depends on the things you like to do most. But I hope I have given you an idea on the things to consider in budgeting for your planned vacation in Hong Kong.

      Travel wisely! 🙂

  25. Hi tinakits!! 🙂
    Me and my bf booked a flight on Aug. 3-5..
    Kasya naba 10k – 15k na budget?
    San kaya yung pde mo marecommend na hotel near sa mga mtr para madali lang transportation namin
    and what weather nun sa hk sa aug?
    Sorry madami tanong 🙂
    Anyway super helpful ng blog mo 🙂
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Khailee! Thanks for reading. Sorry if my response is quite delayed.

      The budget you stated really depends on (1) the exchange rate of Philippine Pesos to Hong Kong Dollars, (2) the activities you and your bf have in mind, (3) the food or restaurants you want to eat, and (4) the things you want to shop for in HK.

      I always stay with friends when I go to HK. But the website booking.com is really helpful in looking for a cheap place to stay in. August is quite sunny in HK with some patches of rain. Regardless of the weather, I know you two will make lovely memories in the scenic and lively background called Hong kong. 😉

      Thanks for appreciating my blog. Let me know if you have more questions. 🙂

  26. Hi Tinakits! Your blog is extremely helpful. But I am still at a loss on how to carry out our family trip this July. We will be travelling in a group of 4 (My dad, mom, me and my brother) on July 11, Friday (ETD 7PM) and leave HK on July 15, Tuesday (ETD 9PM). So technically we have 4 whole days. I have also booked a hostel already (for 4 nights), Maple Leaf Guest House. Can you kindly, kindly help me plan our itinerary? It is our first time to go to HK. This is my treat to them for my dad’s birthday on July 11. But I’m trying to minimize our expenses kasi times 4 lahat ng gastos, so medyo mabigat. But definitely willing to spend for Disneyland or other sulit attractions (I don’t know if a side trip to Macau is even advisable). Please please advise. Thank you so much! Buti nakita ko ang blog mo 🙂

    • Hi Katzoo! Thanks for reading and appreciating my blog. It’s so sweemy of you to treat your family for your father’s birthday. Here’s my suggested itinerary:

      Day 1 (July 11) – Since your family just arrived, I suggest that you rest a bit after checking in. If you want to have dinner, roam around the street for you will definitely find a stall selling street food or restaurants. Your place it at Nathan Road, a very busy street and a known shopping area. Just touring around your hotels’ area is already a sight to behold!

      Day 2 (July 12) – Since it’s a Saturday, expect a lot of people around tourist area. After breakfast, go to Victoria Peak located at Central (website: http://www.thepeak.com.hk/en/). Take the Peak Tram and go to Sky Terrace 428. Take your lunch at one of the restaurants there with the scenic view of Hong kong. Also visit Madame Tussard’s Museum located at the same place. If you still have the time and energy in the afternoon or before sunset, go to East Tsim Sha Tsui and go to Avenue of Stars (website: http://www.avenueofstars.com.hk/eng/home.asp). Stay there till evening to watch the Symphony of Lights all for free!

      Day 3 (July 13) – You can go to Macau via ferry and visit all popular hotels there by availing of their free shuttle services. Also go to Senado Square to see their old Portuguese street and buildings plus The Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral. Just make sure to purchase roundtrip ferry tickets. Don’t forget to taste their egg tarts and beef jerky ;). The downside to this is the huge expense you will pay for the roundtrip ferry for 4. Here’s the website to give you an idea of the ferry ticket prices: http://www.turbojet.com.hk/en/routing-sailing-schedule/hong-kong-macau/sailing-schedule-fares.aspx

      If you don’t want to go to Macau due to budget constraints, go to Ocean Park instead and spend the entire day there. Don’t miss their Symbio in the evening.

      But if you want to have a cheaper option, go to Nan Lian Garden and Chin Nunnery loacated at MTR Diamond Hill Station. Don’t worry, it’s for free. Then, go to Ngong Ping (website: http://www.np360.com.hk/en/) and enjoy the long but scenic Cable Car ride, see the Big Buddha, walk to see the tall wooden posts at the Wisdom Path. This option is cheaper.

      Day 4 (July 14) – Since it’s a Monday. this is the best time to go to HK Disneyland since it is not too crowded compared to going there during weekends. Make sure to eat heavy breakfast to have enough before enjoying their attraction the whole day. Bringing of food and drinks are not allowed.

      Day 5 (July 15) – Take it slow and shop along the street of your hotel. For bargains, go to Mongkok and visit the Ladies Market. Just make sure you will check out early and be at the airport 3 hours before your flight.

      Hope this helps. Enjoy your vacation in HK! 🙂

  27. Hi Tinakits! i just want to thank you for the help you’ve been extending to your readers as i too find your blog entry very helpful! I’ve taken time reading thru it all starting from the tips til the very last comment and now I’m kind of having a feeling of information overload! hehe there’s just so much information, detailed information that would really help a first-time-out-of-the-country traveler like me. I’m planning to celebrate the new year there with my family joining me so i hope everything goes well. Thanks again! More power to you and God bless!

    • AWW! So sweet. Thanks for the compliment Aby Don! I know everything will turn out well since you will be with your family. Enjoy HK! 😊

  28. hi tinakits..my friend and I are going to hk this june for 7 days..we would like to stay in our friends boarding house if possible to lessen expense..I would like to ask what do you show to phil immigration,just an address and phone no would be enough?tia

    • Hi Vaniejoe! Thanks for reading. Yes, the complete name of your friend, contact number and address will suffice. Make sure also you have printed your roundtrip tickets too. This is to show immigrations that you will stay in HK for a short period only.

      Enjoy your vacation!

  29. Hi Tinakits, first of all I wanna say your awesome and I’m so glad I found your blog. Hope you don’t mind me asking you a few questions. So here it goes… Is it advisable to buy an Octopus pass rather than the ride all you can pass for 3 days (I forgot what it’s called)?

    We will be arriving on June28th at 8:55AM in the morning and will leave on July1st 8:50PM. Can you suggest an itinerary for us for our 3D2N stay. We’re 4 adults and 1 kid (5yrs old), our main goal is to go to Disneyland for my niece and we plan to do that on the 2nd day, but we also want to visit the Peak, Avenue of the Stars, watch the Symphony of Lights, Ngong Ping and the Big Buddha, and of course do some shopping. We will be staying at Silka Seaview Hotel (268 Shanghai St, Hong Kong).

    • Hi Ro Chelle! Thanks for the appreciation. You can do all the activities you have in mind but do expect that it might be a little tiring.

      In my own opinion, purchasing Octopus Card is good if you have plans to go back to HK for the next 5 years or want to have a card as a souvenir after the trip. The 3-day unlike card you’re referring to might be the Airport Express. That’s good since it already includes riding to and/or from the airport via Airport Express. However, you will spend HK$ 200-300 per card for it which is expensive.

      As for the itinerary, just follow the order of all the attractions you have in mind:

      Day 1: After checking in and resting a bit at your chosen hotel, go to The Peak to view HK, take the Tram and see Madame Tussard Wax Museum. You may also take your lunch there with the stunning view of HK as background.

      Before the sun sets, go to Victoria Harbour and stroll along Avenue of Stars. Let your kids play while you sip coffee while looking after them. Stay till the evening to witness Symphony of Lights.

      Day 2: Disney!!!! Stay till fireworks

      Day 3: Wake up early to go to Ngong Ping Village. At 10pm, you may head to Ladies Market or at any mall to shop. Be back at your hotel after lunch to pack and rest. Be at the airport at least 3 hours before your flight.

      I know the kids will enjoy HK. Have a safe trip! 🙂

  30. That’s awesome, thanks a lot! Actually there’s only one kid and the rest are adults 🙂 Another question though if you don’t mind…do you think it’s better if we just do the Ngong Ping trip on the 2nd day before heading to Disneyland? Just so we have time to shop on the 3rd day and I’m also kinda worried that we might miss the check out time. Thanks again, I really appreciate all the help.

    • Hi again! 🙂 It is ok to go to Ngong Ping before you go to Disney. Both were located at the same island which is at Lantau. Just go there early to maximize the time to roam around, have breakfast there and go to Disney by 10 AM. One challenge I’m seeing is the day. If I’m not mistaken, you will go there on a weekend (June 29th, Sunday). Theme Parks or any other tourist destinations are packed and expect looooooong lines at the entrance, rides and shows. But then again, it’s still your discretion what to follow.

      OMG! YOur trip will be in a few weeks from now! Enjoy Hk and always be safe. 🙂

  31. Hi miss tinakits! Your blog is very very helpful! Me and a friend of mine were planning to visit HK this coming October. We’re finding cool places to go… all the info’s in your blog is such a great help! while reading your blog we decided to go and visit Victoria peak (ride The Peak Tram + Sky Terrace+ Maddame Tussard), Ngong Ping, HK Disney Land were planning to stay until Fireworks, Ocean Park until symbio, Star Ferry Pier, Avenue of Stars & Clock Tower until symphony of lights, Diamond Hill station *Nan Lian Garden & Chin Lin Nunnery. We can’t decide which market place to go Mongkok Night Market, Ladies Market or is it better to go to foods republic inside the malls. Can you please give us an itinerary for 4 days & 3 nights to make our visit more convenient? Thank you so much in advance!

      • Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for the compliment! My suggested itinerary is based on what I have in mind since your flight details was not included. Anyway, I’ll do it on the safe side 🙂

        Day 1 – Go to Victoria Peak to do all the activities you want. Just make sure to leave the place before sunset to go to Star Ferry Pier. Take the pier to go to Avenue of Stars and watch Symphony of Lights.

        Day 2 – Go to Ocean Park and stay till Symbio. In the evening, go to Ladies Market and Mongkok Night Market to shop and have dinner.

        Day 3 – Enjoy Disney the whole day!

        Day 4 – Go to Ngong Ping. Go back to hotel for checkout and be at the airport 3 hours before flight.

        For Shopping, Ladies Market and Mongkok Night Market are both located at the same place which is at Mongkok. If you have the energy to spare, you may go to the Mongkok after Disney or after Symphony of Lights. Both shopping place are open till 12 midnight.

        As for the budget, I cannot really confirm since it will still depend on the spending you will have for food and shopping. Try to decide what you’ll buy to maximize your money or bring extra just to be safe.

        As for food, I highly recommend that you try street foods in HK. They are cheap and yummier, too. Food Republic is recommended if you want to be on the safe side or to have a variety. If you don’t know how to use chopsticks, practice now or bring sets of plastic fork and spoon since they use chopsticks only.

        P.S. I miss the cold noodles and dimsum at HK. 😦 Hehehe! Enjoy your vacation! Hope this helps. 🙂

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