How to Use Your Philhealth for Hospitalization

My friends here in the Philippines, are you in good health?  How about your family?  I hope everybody is at the pink of health especially that it’s the flu season.  If you or any of your family members need special medical condition, I hope that they will get well the soonest.

Getting sick, being hospitalized or any accidents may happen to us without a warning.  So it is best that we all take very good care of ourselves and of our love ones.  As the saying goes, “Health is wealth”.  But if any of the unfortunate events mentioned happened to you or your loved ones, I hope that everybody has the means to go to the doctor and pay for any dues in the hospital.

As a part of the Philippine work force, we have the privilege of using our Philhealth benefits.  Philhealth or the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation “was created in 1995 to create a universal health coverage for the Philippines. It is a tax-exempt, government-owned and government-controlled corporation (GOCC) of the Philippines, and is attached to the Department. It states its goal as insuring a sustainable insurance program for all.[1] it is one of the things we enjoy and have the right to avail in case of need. (Source Wikipedia)

Just recently, my mother underwent laser eye surgery to remove her cataract.  After check-up, her Ophthalmologist asked me to prepare everything needed for her operation which includes all Philhealth requirements.  Since my information was not updated, I spent days and long hours just to take care of it.  Lesson learned:  make sure all your information is correct and updated.

My friend, in order for you not to experience the same mistake I’ve had, here are some tips:

1.  Check with your employer if you are a Philhealth member

All companies should register their employees to this.  To verify, ask your Human Resources Department or Compensation and Benefits Department in your office.  The easiest way is to check your payslip.  If you were deducted a certain amount tagged as “Philhealth”, it means your company is doing their share to ensure you will get your privileges in using this Government service.

If you are not yet a member of Philhealth, secure a PMRF or Philhealth Member Registration Form from your HR or from any Philhealth offices near you.  You may get a copy of PMRF here or register online by clicking here.

PMRF or Philhealth Member Registration Form

PMRF or Philhealth Member Registration Form

2.  Ensure that your qualified dependents were registered under your name.

If you will apply for membership, include the names of those people that you want to be your dependent, which means these people can enjoy the Philhealth privileges by using your Philhealth number.  Those who can be your dependent are your parents who are 60 years old and above, your legal spouse and your children who are under the age of 21 or above 21 and permanently disabled.  If you register them, make sure that you attach original copies of legal documents confirming your relationship to them.  For your parents, it’s their authenticated Birth Certificate & Marriage Contract.  For your spouse, its your authenticated Marriage Certificate.  Together with your marriage contract, add your kids authenticated Birth Certificate on the form you filled out.  If you opt to register online, scanned the documents and attach them on the option provided.

If you registered online, you just have to wait for an email confirmation if your registration was successful.  If you filled out their form the traditional way, you may forward it to your HR together with the original copies of the requirements mentioned.  It might take a while for the records to be updated.  If you are in a hurry, go to your nearest Philhealth branch and submit it personally to them.  You can check the nearest Philhealth offices here.  The great thing about submitting it to their office is you will immediately be given your official Philhealth card with your updated MDR (Member Data Record) which you can use to avail of the privileges, if needed.

Let’s just say you successfully registered to Philhealth and now want to avail of the benefits since you or your dependents need it, here are the things you need to check:

– The hospital/clinic is an accredited hospital of Philhealth (usually, they have posters/signage saying that they are)

– Attending Physician or Doctor is a Philhealth member

– Have paid at least 3 months premium within 6 months prior to confinement or availment

– The 45 days allowance for hospital room and board is not consumed yet

If you are sure of all listed above, secure the following forms and documents before settling your hospital bill:

1.  CF 1 or Claim Form 1 – You may get this from your HR or Philhealth offices or click on here for a copy.  Fill out all information at Part 1 in CAPITAL LETTERS.  Part 2 of the form should be filled by your HR Specialist or your employer.

CF1 or Claim Form 1

CF1 or Claim Form 1

2. MDR or Member Data Record (2 copies) – For big companies, they can provide you a copy from your HR.  But usually, you can get this from Philhealth offices.  This form confirms that you are a member of Philhealth with the list of approved qualified dependents.

Sample of the latest MDR or Member Data Record taken from

Sample of the latest MDR or Member Data Record taken from

UPDATED:  If you already have a MDR, keep one or two copies at home.  That way, you have a back-up in case of any emergencies when you need to use them e.g., any accident that may happen to you or your dependents.

3.  Schedule of Compensation –  You can only avail this from your employer or HR Department.  This is a proof that you and your company have paid the minimun required contribution to avail of the benefits.

UPDATED:  I am very lucky since I get this within the day I requested for it from my company.  But for some, it might take a day to process it.  The point is, companies should have easy access to your record of contribution.

Some medical conditions may need to fill out other forms or documents (like Chemotheraphy or giving birth) but the ones listed about are the basics.  For more questions, you may log on to their website at or call them at (+632) 441-7442.


My friend, be safe always!



94 thoughts on “How to Use Your Philhealth for Hospitalization

  1. Hi, I’m a member for almost 2 years and currently unemployed. I’m wond’ring how should be the process for me to claim something in my operation?

  2. Hi.just wanna ask, how much will be deducted in your hospital bills if you are covered by philhealth? Say, hosp bill is beyond 100k?

    • Hi Katie! The deduction to the Hospital Bill really depends on the services or facilities availed. Please refer to this link and click on “table of rate ceiling/maximum allowances for inpatient coverage”. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Hi Lau! When is your due date? Yes, you can use your Philhealth for your C-Section for as long as you qualified based on the one posted on my blog post. If in case that on your due date you have not satisfied paying “at least 3 months premium within 6 months prior to confinement or availment”, ask your husband (if you’re marrid) if he’s a Philhealth member and declared you as his dependent. If not, this is the best time that he registers you under his name.

      Btw, are you also a SSS Member? Though I’m not yet aware of their package, I know that you can claim something from them, too.

      Have a safe delivery! Let me know if I can help you more 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I am also planning to have my dad(61 years old) check his eyes and undergo laser eye surgery, I would love to avail the discount from Philhealth just like what you did with your mom. I heard from my tita that my lola undergone laser surgery and spent only 10k in both eyes using her Philhealth. May I know the name of the hospital and amount you spent with your mom’s surgery?

    • Hi Niks! Thanks for reading my blog. Where are you located? I’m here in Manila but my mother had her laser in Laguna. If you’re near Laguna, do email me at so I can give you all the details you need. Btw, the amount your Tita spent for your Lola’s laser surgery is the cheapest I’ve heard so far. Cheaper than what I spent for my mom 🙂

  4. good am.. ask lang po sana ako about sa RF1 KO.. last payment ko kasi nung last april 2013.. tpos di ko na nafollow up ngayon kc nag resign ako sa work ko dahil buntis aq ngayon need some rest.. magagamit ko pa p0 ba ang philhealth ko ds coming duedate ko sa december?!

    • Hi Lezelle! Thanks for reading my blog. I already responded to your email but I will post it still for the benefit.

      “Only active members can use the benefits under Philhealth. But there are other ways and I need to ask questions from you. Hope you will not get offended.

      Do you have a husband? Are you two married? Is he working? If your answered yes to all questions, then he should include you on his Philhealth’s list of beneficiaries so you can use his Philhealth for your hospitalization.”

      Hope I answered your question and provided you options. Have a safe delivery! 🙂

    • LATEST UPDATE: I called Philhealth about your condition. They said, you need to pay for all the months you have not contributed and you can do it before your confinement ASAP. The fee is Php 150 per month or Php 450 per quarter. I suggest you pay on a per quarter since it’s cheaper. Since your last payment was April of this year, you can go to Philhealth and pay 3 quarters or Php 1350 in total.

      Sorry for not responding in a timely manner. Hope you can get this soon. Be safe always and God Bless You and your baby 🙂

  5. Hi. May nakapagsabi kasi sakin na pwede ko pa daw hulugan un January to March 2013?? Kung hindi na, pwede ko bang magamit un Philhealth ko next month(December) sa panganganak ko since nahulugan ko naman mula April to December 2013?? Thanks!

    • Hi! Thanks for reading my blog. I called Philhealth to answer your questions and they said there is no need for you to pay for January to March 2013. For asl long as you have contribution from the last 3 months before your confinement, you are good to use your Philhealth benefits. So no worries for you.,

      Have a safe delivery. Hope you and your baby are healthy 🙂

  6. tanong k lang po bakit pinalalagay nyo pa yong mga benificiaries ko sa philhealth yon pala dko pwedeng magamit ito nanganak po misis ko 6 mos. old premature baby boy 2 mos. napo sya sa hospital gang ngayon dpa lumalabas 500t na gastos namin nag kakanda utang utang nakami ano ba ang maitutulong nito samin? ofw po ako.

    • Hello po! Thanks for reading my blog. The reason why I posted the beneficiaries is because they are eligible to use your Philhealth in any cases that it needs to be used. A good example is your wife giving birth, normal or premature. It is quite unfortunate to know that you are working abroad and your wife have issues in using Philhealth. Do check with your employer if they pay all the premiums for Philhealth and if it is updated. The only reason I’m seeing why Philhealth can’t be use is if the contribution of the member & employer are not current or your wife is not included on your beneficiary. If everything is current and on your wife is included on your beneficiary based on your updated MDR, there should not be any problem. If you still have issues, immediately contact Philhealth to report this matter.

      Hope this isssue will be resolved immediately. Will pray for you and your family. 🙂

      • ganito po yon ofw po ako ang wife ko po may philhealth din, at nagamit na nya sa cs nya noong nanganak sya no question about it. ngayon po nais ko pong gamitin yong philhealth ko sa baby namin kasi daan libo na nagagastos namin ni red tag na kami ng hospital kami napo bumibili ng mga gamot cash basis na nangyayari gusto ko pong gamitin philhealth ko para naman maka tulong eh ang sabi po yong sa misis ko lang daw po ang pwedeng gamitin ganon po ba talaga yon.? salamat po sa commonwealth gen. hospital po ito.

      • Hi Reynaldo! Sorry for not immediately replying to your posts. What I did is I called Philhealth yesterday and today to inquire about your issue. I also asked some friends who somewhat has a similar case with your family. One thing common about their answer is that either you or your wife CAN still use your Philhealth for your baby. I know that your baby is in the hospital for a while, but is your baby already registered in NSO? The Phiulhealth officer said to register your baby. Once you have the birth certificate, declare it on you or your wife’s Philhealth, get a new MDR and use your Philhealth for your baby.

        Hoipe everything is well with your family. For other inquiries, call Philhealth at (02) 441-7442 🙂

  7. I have been a member of Philhealth (used to be Medicare) since 1977 until I availed of the early retirement package of our company on March 2002. My contributions account for more than 25 years during this period. I am already 59 years old and presently enrolled under the Individual Paying Member and paid my contributions up to December 2013. Do I still have to continue paying the required quarterly contributions since I satisfy the minimum number of contributions (of 10 years) as of December 2013 already. Thank you.

    • Good day po! Thanks for reading my simple entry. I hope that you are in the pink of health. Though you are a member for more than 10 years, you are only qualified to be on the Lifetime Membership of Philhealth if you reached 60 years of age. It is still necessary for you to make your contribution until your 60th birthday.

      Hope I helped you with your concern. Happy Holidays po! 🙂

  8. Im a wife of ofw im planing to have my operation early nxt yr. But my husband has pay his contribution only 4months frm may until august because he has only 6 months contract . How much more to pay? before i can use his Phil health. Have a nice day po.

    • Hi Ness! Thanks for reading my blog. I believe you and your husband are still preparing for your operation slated next year. Since you still have enough time to prepare, I suggest that your husband apply at Philhealth to be an Individual Paying Member. Once confirmed, your husband should make up for the months he has not contributed and make it current until your operation so that you can enjoy its priviledges. Do visit Philhealth’s website or call them at (02) 441-7442 on how to become a Individual Paying Member.

      Stay strong po and Happy Holidays! 🙂

  9. puede po bng ako ang mg update sa MDR ng husband ko even if wlang authorization letter from him? sea-based OFW po kc xa? gus2 sna nmin madag2 aq sa dependents nya b4 p aq manganak..tnx…

    • Hi Joyzel! Thanks for reading. Authorization is needed for you to update your husband’s MDR. But you can also ask help from your husband’s employer if they can do something about it. Do coordinate with the cpmpany and Philhealth to update it in time for your delivery.

      Hope you and your baby are ok. Happy Holidays! 🙂

  10. ask lng po pwede ko po bang magamit ang philhealth ko sa aking panganganak kahit di ko po nabayaran ang aking first quarter contribution ngayong taon? bago lang po ang account ko july 2012 lang po.pwede ko po bang hulugan ang aking first quarter na contribution? paano po? ty po

    • Hi Mary Jane! Thanks for reading my blog. When is your due date? Assuming that you’ll give birth this December and you paid for your Philhealth from July to December, then you don’t have to worry for you have fullfilled the minimum requirement to use your Philhealth. As stated, you need to be an active member for 6 months and paid the last 3 months worth of contribution before you can use it. Based on what you said, you already fullfilled it. Yehey! If your due date is next year, just make sure that you’re paying your premiums always.

      Have a safe delivery! Hope you and your baby are healthy 🙂

  11. Hi tinakits,

    Just want to ask kc nagstop ako working last feb this year (2013) then nagstart ulit ako oct 2013, since n dapat e 3months consecutive ang need para maavail ang philhealth benefits for in-patient, pwede p po ba ako magbayad ng at least a month para maging sep-oct-nov (3mos) sya if ever n macoconfine ako this december? magkano po kaya? Thank you! Have a nice day! 🙂

    • Hi Rachel! Thanks for reading my blog. You can coordinate with Philhealth so that you can pay for your contribution for the month of September. I don’t want to quote the amount since I am not really sure if Philhealth will ask you to pay the September as a self-employed rate or the rate that you are paying as a worker. To be sure, do contact Philhealth or go to their office near your place.

      From what you stated, you are preparing for something to improve your health. My Christmas wish for you is to be healthy to enjoy the festivities for many years to come. Be safe always 🙂

  12. hello po its me again…so di q n po nid byran ang nkligtaan kong contribution january next year po ang due date q.

    • Hi! Sorry for the late response. Hope I’m not too late. There’s not need to pay for Quarter 1 of 2013, but do pay your premiums for Q1 of this year (2014) to ensure no issues will arise in using your Philhealth.

      Hope you’re ok. 🙂

  13. seaman po ang husband q and since july pa po sya on board …dnededuct nman nla s allotment ung philhealth contribution, but late po ata cla mgremit.. by now, dpat atleast 4mons n ung nbyaran.. but nung humingi po ako ng certifc8 of c0ntributu0n fr0m his empl0yer, 2mos plng ang indcated n nbabayran nla.. pano po yan, dba dpat 3mons pra mkaavail ng bnefit? expected date of delivery q p nman is within this m0nth there any way pra mgamit q ung philhealth since ung company nman ang late mgbyad?

    • Hi Jhoize24! Thanks for reading. It is so unfortunate that OFW’s like your husband is working hard but his employer is not doing its part to serve their faithful employees. I suggest to report this matter to Philhealth to further assist you on your concern.

      Hope everything will be ok in time for your delivery. Keep safe! 🙂

  14. hello po… paano po ba gamitin ang philhealth,,,kasi first po namin na gagamitin ang philhealth ng aking nanay… eh ako po ang nagbabayad,, kinuha ko po siya ng phiklhealth card simula pa nung june 2013 kami nagbayad..sabi po sa hospital kailangan daw po mag down muna ng 10 thousand …ayaw sya tanggapin sa hospital nang walang cash… salamat po.

  15. hinahanapan pa po siya ng ibang health insurance gaya ng medicare…. wala po naging trabaho ang nanay ko kaya ako na lang ang nagbabayad para sa kanya… eh wala po kami ibang insurance talagang philhealth lang po…. please help.. kasi naguguluhan po ako….

    • Hi Mary! Thanks for reading my blog. The basic requirements to use your mother’s Philhealth was already stated on my post. Just make sure that your mother’s Philhealth contribution is always current. Meaning, “updated ang bayad” for 3 months na consecutive. Though I am not fully aware of your Nanay’s medical condition, what puzzled me was the hospital was asking for a downpayment. I may have limited knowledge about hospitalization but what I know is collecting downpayment is not legal. Please call Philhealth about your condition and also our Department of Health to report this matter.

      Hope your Nanay is doing ok. Stay safe 🙂

    • Hi po! Thnaks for visiting my blog. As stated on my entry and on Philheath’s website, you should be an active member of Philhealth for at least 6 months with 3 months current contribution at the time of availment. Example: Let’s say you will give birth on January 2014. You started working on June 2013 and that was also th start of you and your company started paying for your Philhealth. Since you are a member of Philhealth for 6 months and if you confirm with your employer that you and your company paid for Philhealth contribution for the months of October, November & December of 2013, then you can use your Philhealth on January 2013 which is your due date.

      Do visit Philhealth’s website for more info. Also ask your HR to confirm your Philhealth contribution. Happy Holidays and have a safe delivery! 🙂

  16. If I stopped paying my premium for a considerable amount of time, can I still use my benefits? Do I need to pay
    the missed contributions to be able to avail of the benefits again??pwdi ko po vah magamit philhealt ko kahit 1year pa lang akong member ng philhealt..pinagbayad po kasi ako sa POEA ng bali 1year para sa philhealt requirments po daw yun??

  17. Pwdi ko po vah magamit philhealt ko kahit walang philhealth card..kasi overseas worker ako at individual paying po ako sa philhealth at pinagbayad po ako ng POEA ng bali 1year para sa Philhealth at binigyan po nila ako ng PIN number.tapos bago palang ako sa philhealt.this year lng 2013 ng MAY..i need your help

    • Hello po! Thanks for reading my blog. Actually, you are already eligible to use your Philhealth if you’ve been a member since May 2013. Just make sure po that your employer is deducting a certain amount on your pay for your Philhealth and your employer is doing its share of paying for your Philhealth monthly, too. Even if you don’t have any Philhealth card yet but you have your Philhealth number, ok na po. Before you avail it, ask your HR for a copy of your Philhealth contribution for the last 6 months because that is a proof that both you and your employer aree paying po.

      Hope you’re doing good and in great shape for the holidays. Let me know if you have questions po. Happy Holidays po! 🙂

      • gudnoon po, ask po sana philhealth po ako may2013-may2014 individually paying… nkuha ko yun nung nag process ako ng POEA, ang binificiary ko po mma ko 54 of ages.. kung sakali po, magagamit ko po ba yung philhealth ko pra sa mma ko? sana masagot nyo po tanong ko..salamat…god bless & happy holidaye

      • Hello po! Good afternoon Rochelle. Salamat sa pagbasa ng aking blog. I hate to say this but yes, your Mama should be at least 60 years of age before she can use your Philhealth. Was she working before? Was she a member of Philhealth? How about your Father? Sorry if I offended you with any of my personal questions. Because if your father is working and his Philhealth is still updated, your Mama can use your father’s Philhealth instead po.

        Hope I helped you with your concerns. Do contact Philhealth for other options po. Wish you and your Mama good health to enjoy the holidays. God bless po 🙂

  18. hi its me again.kailan poh vah 60 dapat ung mama ko para ma gamit ko ung philhealth ko.kasi sabi ng hospital dapat 60 para magamit ng mama ko ung philhealth ko..tnx po ulit..

    • Hi again! Yes po, your mom or any of your parents should be at least 60 years of age so that they can use your Philhealth. Just make sure po that they are declared na po. Meaning, you have updated your MDR and nandun name nila as your beneficiaries. 🙂

  19. gud afternoon po ask qo lng kung pwede qo pa ba hulugan ung philhealth qo oct to dec 2013 ang hnd na bayaran nkalimutan qo po kc…tnx

    • Happy New Year! Thanks for reading. Yes! You can still pay your contributions for Oct to Dec 2013! Make sure to keep your payment updated moving forward to avoid any hassles in in case you intend to use your privileges next time. All the best for you! TC

  20. Ms. Tinakits, ask ko lang po naconfine po ako dec.27-30 sa Tagaytay Hospital. Hinahanapan nila ako Philhealth kaso unemplyed ako since 2010 kasi nagaral ako. but naghulog ako (seing my payslip from different employes) for the past years. 2005-2010 non consecutive months. im single and unmarried so yung phil helath ko lang magagamit ko. unfortunately ndi ko n sya nahhulugan. Is there a way na mareimbure ko yung bill ko sa hospital? Like babayaran ko yung last3months ko a Philhealth? malaki kasi ang gastos ko sa hospital. Thanks po.

    • Hi Joyce! Thanks for reading my blog. It’s great to know that you’re out of the hospital in time to celebrate the New Year. From the limited knowledge I have for Philhealth, you need to, “… have paid at least 3 months premium within 6 months prior to confinement or availment” to avail of the their services. Making a payment to compensate for the month/s you did not paid is valid if you will use it BEFORE confinement (C-section, delivery, etc.). But to be more accurate, I suggest that you contact Philhealth at (02) 441-7442 during office hours to check if you have other options.

      I highly encourage you to still pay for your Philhealth premiums so that you are fully prepared for any incidence like this in the future with you or any of your qualified dependents. I hope it will not happen again but it’s best to be prepared in future, right? Stay healthy, my friend. 🙂

  21. Hi,Ahmm plano q mghulog ulit ng philhealth q dis year(2014)..2years n po kasi di nhulugan dhil ng stop aq ng work since dec 2011…pregnant po aq and my expected date of delivery is dis coming august 4,..Ahmm,ilang months ang pwede bayaran pra mka-avail aq ng benefits s philhealth..?dipa kc kmi kasal ng daddy ng baby q…mid or response…tnx…

    • Hi! Thanks for reading and congratulations on your baby! Yes! You can start paying again for your Philhealth. The minimum is to be an active member for 6 months with 3 months latest contributions prior to confinement. So if you start now and continuously pay until August, you can enjoy your privileges. Do go to the nearest Philhealth office in your area to inquire more about being an individual contributor.

      Stay healthy! Hope this helps.

  22. Hello po. My question is. My mum was in the hospital for 15 days nnmy bro who is the philhealth member used his philhealth for my mums billing, can my bro used again coz my mum was back to the hospital again?

    • Hi! Thanks for reading. I hope it’s not too late for me to help you. Yes, you can still use your Philhealth for your mum. Just make sure that you have not maximize the alloted usage for your beneficiary in a calendar year.

      Hope your mum will be well soon. Let me know if you have questions.

  23. Hi po. Preggy po ako 5months 2weeks now. Balak ko sana magpamember sa PhilHealth para po sana sa maternity package na libre sa midwife. Not yet married and unemployed po ako, pwede ko pa ba ma-avail yung libreng panganganak sa midwife? e 3-4 months nlng due date ko na po.

    • AWWW! My apology for the late response since I am busy with so many things. Anyway, I hope I am not late. By the way, were you a member of Philhealth before or no? Assuming you worked before, were you and your employer paying for Philhealth premiums before? If yes, you can just pay 6 months worth of your contribution to Philhealth and continue that. If you were not a member before and you are due in less than 6 months, I suggest that you coordinate with Philhealth if they can still let you backtrack your payment so you can use it in time for your delivery.

      As yyour (blogger) friend, I suggest that you continue paying for your premiums so that you can still reap the benefits of Philhealth even after your delivery. We can’t tell when you will need it, at least you’re prepared.

      All the best for you and your family. Stay healthy 🙂

  24. Thanks po sa reply 🙂 Hindi pa po ako naging member ng PHilhealth ever since. 3-4 months nalang po due ko. Sige po magtatanong nalang ako sa Philhealth. Thanks po ulit 🙂

  25. Hi, I just read your blog and I want to add some helpful tips for Philhealth Members: Be sure to inquire if your attending physician has a valid Philhealth accreditation (as an accredited professional health care providers) within the confinement period of your patient. Otherwise you can not make a PHilhealth refund. That happened to me several times.

    • Hi Beth! Thanks for reading my blog and sharing your knowledge about Philhealth. I agree that we always have to ask our doctors if they are members of Philhealth. So all of our friends reading this, always keep that in mind.

      Cheers! 🙂

  26. hi tina 5 months ngaun ask q lng po sna kung may mggm8 q ang q kung skling aq ay manganak n s drating n mayo.ang huling trabaho q po ay nung june2013 pa.?tnx po nd God bless

    • Hi Jesxah! Hope you and your baby are healthy. Since you left last June 2013, were you still paying for your Philhealth? If yes, you can use your benefits. If no, you need to go to Philhealth to check if you can still pay the months from July 2013 till present so you can use your Philhealth benefits. Please take care of it the soonest po so that everything is good before May.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  27. Hi Tina. I’m about to start working in big BPO company by Feb 3, thing is I don’t have a PhilHealth Identification Number yet, I got a job offer last December, and supposed to start last January 13, so I applied for a PIN last December and they did not accept my application since they said that my start date is not until January, unfortunately I accidentally submitted my PhilHealth form which is not yet processed to the HR of the mentioned company, (my start date is moved by Feb. 3), there’s this PhilHealth form kasi na the company provided me, with the company name, address, it’s in a landscape form which has like columns with Name, Position, Salary and things like that, I also accidentally submitted that, the company told me to get the form in their office, it was okay if the company is near on where I’m staying but unfortunately it is a 2-hour ride which is really costly and I’m running out of time since I need to submit a form by Monday and Friday(holiday) and weekends the PhilHealth office is I think is closed. What can you suggest? Should I just apply first for Individually Paying Member just to get a PIN or apply as an employed member na even though I don’t have that form(the one printed in landscape type, is that form even necessary?) Thankyou. And also is there any charges or do we need to pay anything na agad if I apply for the PIN? Hoping for your reply. Thanks!

    • Hi Kym! Thanks for reading my blog and congratulations on your newfound job! Nothing to worry for you can still go to any Philhealth offices and apply for your PIN. Just get a form from them and ensure you know all the details of your new employer
      No need to file as an Individual Paying Member since you will start working soon. Just make sure you have your PIN before you start working so that your employer can start paying for your premiums once you start working for them.

      All the best on your work. Do well, stay healthy and save, save, save! 😉

  28. Hi Ms. Tina, ask ko po lang po.. hindi pa kami kasal ng partner ko pero I’m almost 6mos preggy. Kakastart niya lang ng training last October and trainee padin siya until now. Kung magreregister siya ng voluntary member sa philhealth then bayaran nalang yung previous months, pwede na ba niyang ma-avail yung benefits ng philhealth pag nanganak nako sa month of May?? Anak niya naman to though di pa kami kasal. Thanks

    • Hi Pia! Thanks for the update. Ngayon po, yung tatay po ng anak nyo hindi po nyo magagamit Philhealth nya sa panganganak nyo po. Ang mga basis po bago kayo mailagay ng partner nyo to be his dependent is if you are married po.

      Medyo hiya ako magtanong pero ilang taon na po kayo? Kasi if you are not of legal age (below 18 years old), your parents are members of Philhealth and you are their qualified dependent, then you can use their Philhealth. Sabi nyo po sa comment nyo before, you were working before and have some contribution with Philhealth. I suggest that you contact Philhealth (02-4417442) and see you can still pay for the months you were not active para you can use it.

      San kayo nakatira? Is there any Government Hospitals near you? I have heard na mura panganganak dun. Sorry po kasi di pa po ako nagkakaanak. But they said Fabella Hospital in Mandaluyong City is affordable.

      I hope you are ok. I pray that everything will be settled in time for your delivery. 🙂

  29. hi! ask ko lng po kung magamit ko ba philhealth ko sa aking panganganak january 30 lng po ako nag pa member but then binayaran ko na ng buo for the 1 year. at sa august na po ako manganganak.

    • Hi Indice! Salamat sa Pagbaba. Opo, if you paid your premiums for the entire 2014, you can definitely use your Philhealth in time for your delivery this August. Just make sure that your doctor and the hospital are all accredited by Philhealth.

      Stay healthy, my friend. Have a safe and wonderful pregnancy. 🙂

  30. Hi tina, this is just a wonderful blog! I’d like to ask if there is a certain number of contributions required by Philhealth before you use it. My mom just turn 57 and I have applied her Philhealth membership (Individually Paying Member) late last year. She already had 3-month contributions (October-December2013). We are scheduled to pay this week her January-March 2014 contributions. So we will have a total of 6 months contribution before her eye surgery. She has a cataract on her right eye. Ive read that it can cover up to P16,000.00 on the said operation. Thanks in advance and Keep doing interesting blogs!

    • Hi Erwin! Thanks for appreciating my blog. Yes, there is a minimum requirement for any member before they can use their Philhealth. The member should be active for at least 6 months and paid 3 months of contribution prior to availment. So if you will pay for the 1st quarter of 2014 contribution for your mom and use it by March, there will be no problem at all. Just make sure all other requirements were prepared beforehand and the doctor is accredited by Philhealth.

      Hope your mother’s eye surgery will be a success. She is lucky to have a caring son like you. God bless!

      • hi tina. my last contribution was last may2012 pa. i resigned from my job kc. 3years na akong active member as private employee b4 ako wife was pregnant kc due date nia sa march 11,2014. i paid the 1st quarterly payment for 2014 last week lng pero as self employed(nag update kc ako from private to self employed), after nung resignation ko di na ako nkbayad,from may2012 to dec 2013 un. makakaltasan pa ba ung medical bills ko kc member nmn ako considering 3 years nmn na akong nkbayad.? my makkuha po ba ako sa philhealth since march 11. ung expected confinement(di umabot sa 3 months)

      • Hi Mark! One of the requirements is that, “Have paid at least 3 months premium within 6 months prior to confinement or availment”. Unfortunately, it it not enough since the start of counting of the “6 months prior to confinement” is on February backwards. Thus, records will show that you have paid for 2 months only (January & February 2014). I have clarified this information also with Philhealth.

        Is your wife employed? If she is, check out if she is a Philhealth member and have enough contribution to use the benefit. You may also contact Philhealth for other options.

        Hope this helps. Hope your wife and baby will be safe and healthy 🙂

  31. 21 na po ako 🙂 Kaya hindi na covered ng father ko. Hindi po ako yung may work before, kakagraduate ko lang po eh. KUng ako po magpapamember ng philhealth and I still have 3months before due date ko, pwede ko paba ma-avail yung benefits? Babayaran ko nalang po ng 6months. Pwede ko na kaya magamit yun sa panganganak??

    • I see. I have called before which was my basis for my last answer. It would be best that you call Philhealth since I provided you all the options I know. I believe you need to hear their answers to your predicament first hand. Thank you. 🙂

    • Hi! Try to ask your local government if they can provide you assistance with your issue. Some can provide some help but it really depends on the Local Government Unit. Good luck!

  32. Hi miss tina,
    i am a philhealth member (as employed) for the past 10 years and was separated from my employer last dec 2013. My premium was paid diligently until dec 2013. I havent changed my status to voluntary paying member yet.
    now my daughter is admitted for dengue, can i still use the benefit since premium has been paid for the past 6 months except for jan and feb. The hospital asked me to have my previous employer signed my cf1, coz of my documents (mdr and cert of contribution) but my previous employer wont coz i am already separated from them.
    What would be my next step?

    • Hi Sir! I hope I’m not too late. How’s your daughter? You can still use your Philhealth but I don’t know why your employer won’t provide you at least your schedule of contribution. Hmm… please call Philhealth on providing you with other options and report your previous employer.

      Hope your family is safe. God bless!

  33. gudam po, ask q lng sna f mggmit q po ba ung philhealth ko s pnga2nak, ang due date q po is sa april, nkapgwork na po aq,kaso ung last po na company na napasukan q, d po nila hinuhulugan ung philhealth q, last may 2013 p po nung ngresign aq dun s compny na un, nkpgbayad lng po aq ulit ngaung oct-dec 2013, mkkapagavail po b aq f mbayaran q po ung jan-march na contribution?o nid po 9mos ung mbyaran b4 po makuha ng benefits,.tnx po.

    • Hi Heia! How are you? Hope my response is not too late. Will you use your Philhealth this month? We’re your Philhealth active 6 months prior to Feb (August 2013 to January 2014)? With the months mentioned, have you paid at least 3 months of it? I guess you answered “yes” to all questions. So yes, you can use it. Do coordinate with Philhealth on other requirements you may need especially you’re a individual paying member.

      Be healthy!

  34. Ms. Tina update lang po ako. Member na po ako ng philhealth (unemployed/voluntary member) yesterday and I paid P1,200 for 6months (January2014-June2014). Ang due date ko sa panganganak is May2014. Pwede ko na po ba magamit yung benefits ng Philhealth sa panganganak ko? Since nakapagbayad na ko from January-June. Or Kelangan ko bayaran yung last quarter ng 2013 para masabing 6months active bago yung month of May na delivery ko?? Nakalimutan ko po magtanong sakanila kasi nagmamadali din po ako. I’m really confused talaga.

    • Hi! Great that you’ve paid previous months. If you paid Philhealth for 6 months and your due date is May, then there’s no problem. Just make sure all other requirements are prepared before your delivery.

      Stay healthy and don’t stress too much, okay? God Bless!

  35. Hi Ms Tina! Tanong lang po ako. Yung gf ko nag pa member sa Philhealth nung Feb 14, 2014. Ang binayad nya po 1200. Kelan po nya pwedeng gamitin ang benefits po non? Anung month po? Naka confine po kasi sya ngayon sa PGH. Kelangan nya pong i-chemo. Thanks po

    • Hi Jeffrey! Salamat sa pagbasa ng aking blog. Utang maigamit ng iyong girlfriend ang kayang Philhealth, kailangan nyang maging actions miyembro ng 6 months at may huling na 3 buwan bago nila maigamit.

      Example: kung gusto ng isang Philhealth member maigamit ang kayang benefits this month of February 2014, dapat ay miyembro na sya noon pang August 2013 at may payment sila sa buwan ng November 2013 hanggang January 2014.

      Hindi ko man maitutulungan sa inyong problema pero sana po I added additional knowledge about Philhealth and how you can use it in the future. Praying for your girlfriend’s recovery. God Bless!

  36. Hi Tina,
    I am separated and Im a member since 2003..what if i am giving birth soon(diff father).Im wondering how should be the process for me to claim my benefit.

    • Hi Ethel! Thanks for reading and I hope that you and your baby are well. The basic info in using your Philhealth is already posted on my blog. Just make sure that you are continuously paying your contribution with Philhealth until the month of your expected delivery. And if it is the case, then there should not be any problem. Do coordinate with your HR because I know you also need to take care of some things for your SSS, too.

      Don’t worry too much. Stay safe! 🙂

  37. Yung rules po ba nilang “kailangan nyang maging active miyembro ng 6 months at may huling na 3 buwan bago nila maigamit.” It means po 9months previous na dapat bayad ka bago dumating yung month na paggagamitan mo ng benefits?

    • Kung ang isang employee ay gustong gamitin ang Philhealth ngayong February 2014, dapat ay miyembro na sya ng anim na buwan – ito ay simula noong September 2013 hanggang February 2014. At dapat may hulog ka 3 buwan bago ng February 2014. To be specific, you should have paid for your contributions o nagbayad ka na para sa buwan ng November 2013, December 2013 and January 2014.

      Pia, these were stated on my comments previously on other readers. It would really help if you review itfirst po. Hope you and your baby are in good health. 🙂

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