Charity Work That Will Fill Our Hearts & Tummy

B and I with the famous Mt. Tapyas Cross at the back during our Coron Trip.  The cross was torn down by the recent Typhoon Yolanda :(

B and I with the famous Mt. Tapyas Cross at the back during our Coron Trip. The cross was torn down by the recent Typhoon Yolanda 😦

My friend, where are you?  Are you and your family affected by the recent earthquake or typhoon?  Glad to know that you’re safe and survived it.  As for me, I am safe together with my family.  Today, we are so addicted in watching the news lately to update ourselves about our countrymen affected by one of the worst typhoon in history.  I can’t help but shed tears to those in Leyte, Samar, Capiz, Iloilo and Northern Palawan who are grieving for the loss of their loved ones, their livelihood, and their town.

Before the storm happened, I already have plans to go out-of-town just to relax a bit and contemplate.  I am also stress with a lot of things that I am thinking of some activity to distress like a short travel or eat out.  Going on a travel is not the right time knowing that many are suffering.  Instead of spending it for a trip, might as well donate it.  So my other option is to eat to my heart’s content.  I love food!  I eat not only to nourish my body but to nourish my heart and soul, too.  I guess we all have our “comfort food” that we take to uplift out spirit.

So to hit two things I want to achieve: that is, to help others while I enjoy; I am planning to dine this weekend to some selected restaurants who commit to give a portion or all of their earnings to all Typhoon Yolanda victims.

It is called “Dine for a Cause” these eateries will not satisfy our tummy, but also serve our fellowmen that needs help.  My friend, here’s the list:

(NOTE: Just click on the pic to enlarge it and see all the fine details)







Let us all lend a helping hand especially RIGHT NOW.  So, where are we going to meet-up this weekend?

 By the way, please do not forget our friends in Bohol and Cebu who were devastated by a Magnitude 7.2 earthquake. 




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