Word Play

My friend, what have you discovered lately about yourself?  It is said that regardless of our age, we need to continuously grow and learn.  Anyway, the world is our classroom and we are the eternal students of life.

I am fond of art and appreciate it on all its form – dance, visual, music, literature.  As you know, I dance and can sing a tune (sometimes).  My hands were not gifted to draw nor paint. Literary was never an adjective used to describe me.

One lonely September night, my friend Marie and I accidentally discovered a hippie indie bar in Mandaluyong where they feature Spoken Word Artists declaming their pieces and offer open mic to those who want to share their work of art.  Since then, we have grown to go out again at night just to watch spoken words at quaint bars and envy those who can choose all the right words to say and how beautiful their pieces were.  I used to chat with someone I met online last month whom I exchanged what I called “word play” where we throw random thoughts about our daily lives which turns out to be lyrical.  I don’t know if he enjoyed it but I do, SUPER!  It was a needed diversion from the stressful situations I’m in lately.  I was surprised by the simple yet sensible conversations we have in a poetic manner.  Though our exchange of messages ended (Unfortunately, I was dumped.  Haha!  Moving on…), I still have this thought that I can possibly write something sensible.  Hey!  I am trying to keep a blog so maybe I have the talent somewhere hidden inside.

And so I grabbed some notes and tried to create a simple poem.  It’s hard!  After tossing and turning, I came up with a simple Haiku:

Haiku 01

I am not really sure if it was good enough, but at least I tried.

I tried to post one Tagalog word play I exchanged with my previous chatmate.  How I came up with it was a suprise to me (Maybe because Halloween was near at that time?  Or maybe because I described myself to him as a Vampire – amply describe the lifestyle and time zone I follow).  It amazed me that I can compose something on a whim so I submitted it on one Facebook Page that I follow.  Luckily, it was posted and liked by some.  YEHEY!  I am one happy gal! 😀


My first published work.  Click the pic to see the link (Hey!  That rhymes 🙂 )

Just sharing my simple accomplishment.  This inspires me to have a small notebook and write any of my ramdom thoughts and create something out of it. Even if the budding friendship I’ve had with my chatmate was cut short, even if I am alone, I can still continue with my word play.