Been in and out of the kitchen (worked in hotels & restos inside the kitchen) and now a part of the corporate world that requires adaptability with different time zones.  I am a free-thinker, planner, traveller, and an adventurer.  I believe that I have things to say that will be helpful to others that’s why I created this.  Just like a kit, I’ve got bits and pieces of info that you need.  Enjoy! 🙂


NOTE: The views and opinions posted on this blog are solely from the author unless stated otherwise. 


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there, i was reading up on your Hongkong entry where there were a lot of inquiries … since the comments section is closed, i decided to drop by here and to commend you for your patience and kindness as you answered their queries. I am touched by your calm demeanor even when the same questions were asked over and over again, and your replies were very informative just the same. You are such an inspiration, dear child, and i pray that the Lord will continue to bless your heart with the things you desire and i know you will share to others without even thinking twice over doing so. Blessings to you always — April

  2. Hi Tinakits, I just found your blog today regarding Philhealth. Thank you so much for posting it. I’ve read some extremely helpful comments you provided and I really appreciate it. I noticed the comments option is already closed. May I trouble you with a question? If so, here goes….I’m in the U.S. and my goddaughter is 26 yrs old needing endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures. I was provided an estimate of about 45K total to pay for both procedures. My goddaughter told me that the hospital requires her to pay in advance before the procedure takes place. I read on your blog that it’s illegal for hospitals to ask for down payment which essentially is what they’re doing…asking for payment before service is rendered. How can I fight this? Is there some legal policy/documentation I can have so my goddaughter can provide it to the hospital? Also, I’d like for my goddaughter to use her Philhealth to help me offset the cost. She is an active member and is up to date on her payments. Do I pay for the bill first and then Philhealth will pay reimburse me for the amount they’re covering or should Philhealth benefits be applied first THEN I pay for the remaining balance?

    • Hi Cat! Sorry for the delay in response as I have been inactive for a long time due to tons of responsibilities. I hope I am not too late. Anyhoo, I closed the comment section on my entry about Philhealth as I feel I answered almost all possible questions. I am sharing my experience about it and not really anexpert about it as Philhealth can definitely the best entity to answer any inquiries about their services.

      Regarding your inquiry, your goddaughter can definitely use her Philhealth for as long as she is updated with her contribution and an active member. Once the bill is finalized and she filled out the required form and have all needed requirements, the hospital will deduct any amount covered by Philhealth before settling the amount. As for the hospital, you may seek assistance from our Department of Health to report the matter so that actions can be taken.

      Hope I helped you in some ways and your goddaughter will be well soon. 🙂

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