Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Merlion - two iconic landmarks in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Merlion – two iconic landmarks in Singapore

My friend, what was the most expensive vacation you have ever had? Though we allot more than enough money for vacation, we still want to save since we still need to spend for the upcoming holidays and have enough fund for any emergencies.  Spending for vacation SHOULD ONLY BE just a portion of our savings.

Among the countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore is one of the most expensive countries/cities to be in.  But in my recent trip there, I was surprised that I spent less compared to what I planned for.

Is it possible to at least minimize spendings if you go to Singapore and still have a fun and memorable trip?  ABSOLUTELY!  Again, I did it DIY-style.  Aside from waiting for airline ticket sale, here are some of the tips I can give you so you can save on your future Singapore getaway:

ACCOMODATION – stay in dormitories, hostels or inns

Hotels in Singapore are notorious to be very expensive especially those located at the city center.  So once you book your flight, immediately scout for a place to stay in.  Establishments provide discounts especially if you book with them months ahead of your planned vacation.  Discounts can also be availed even if you opt to book via booking websites like Agoda, or for as long as you book with them in advance.  Choose a place that is not in the center of the city but rather those that are still accessible to transportations and near key areas.

Dormitories are the cheapest option for your place to stay in.  But if you want to have privacy, choose a hostel or inn instead.  Just don’t expect too much on them.  Some do not have any windows on their rooms, some have no free breakfast, may offer free hot and cold drinks instead and may only offer shared toilet and bath.  The most important thing is, the place is near any MRT station or bus stop for accessibility and the rooms are clean for hygienic purposes.  As for safety, Singapore is one of the safest country with low crime rate.

My experience at Superb Hostel in Bugis

Facade of Superb Hostel in the evening

Facade of Superb Hostel in the evening

I got to know about this place via but I did not book there.  Instead, I looked for their website and exchange emails with them.  Even if I sent a message during wee hours of the morning, they will immediately reply to you.  As in just a few minutes after you sent it!

During check-in, their officer named Ronnie always have a welcoming smile and even make suggestions on the best places to go to.  In providing directions on how to go to different attractions, Ronnie will also provide you a map to show you how to go to those places.

The room we have was very basic and small.  Not bad for a discounted rate of SGD 70 per night.  It has a small TV with only local channels in it, a double deck bed with pillows, bed sheet and blanket, air conditioner and smoke detector.  It does not even have a window!  Anyway, we don’t even mind since we spent most of our time outside.

Superb Hostel is just a 3-minute walk from Bugis MRT station and Victoria Street Bus terminal, near hospital, convenience store, malls, Mosque (if you’re a Muslim), Catholic Church (if you’re a Catholic), and bus going Johor Bahru in Malaysia.  Very ideal if you also plan to go to Legoland in Malaysia like I do.

Helpful map provided by Ronnie to get to Superb Hostel

Helpful map provided by Ronnie to get to Superb Hostel

This is part one of my Singapore On A Budget blog post.  For more information about Superb Hostel, please visit their website at