My Second


Hi!  Friends called me Tinakits and this is my first blog entry.  Then why the heck the title of this post says it’s my second?  Because this is my second blog.

Does anybody here recall the online fad called Friendster?  Yes!  It’s the Facebook of the 90’s and early 2000’s.  There was an option there where you can write and share your thoughts online by creating a blog.  I created one before and the title of it was “Fiddle Diddle Dees”.  And because Friendster has to undergo changes to compete with the gaming features of FB, my blog was affected by it and was completely removed from history and it can no longer be revived.  Sadly, I just have to settle on the thought that I once have an online diary.  But still, my wandering mind and my no-holds-barred tongue won’t let me sit quietly without shouting out my thoughts to the world.  I need to let it out and speak my mind.  So instead of writing it on my handy-dandy notebook, I will now post it publicly for it to be shared to those, who like me, are sitting quietly at one corner  looking for somebody who has the same wavelength as mine and realize that in this planet, you are not the only one who has a effed-up mind.

So, what will I include on my blog?  As the name of my blog implies, it will contain all the knick knacks that you will find in a kit.  Why do people create or keep a kit of any sort?  As what my friend Wiki had said, it is “Any collection of items or components needed for a specific purpose…“.  And that’s what I intend to put up here. I’ll post all the adventures and discoveries I’ve had and share it with you as a way for me to help out and for you not go through the same fumbles like I did.  May it be about travelling (fond of it), shopping (certified hobby of mine), current events (I love watching news.  No longer fond of any series or telenovelas), food (I finished a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, worked in hotels and restaurants & got my hands dirty and cut in the kitchen.  So really, I can say something about them).

I will open this in public and love to share this to the world.  As for you, my new friend, feel free to leave a comment, feedback or anything that you’d like to correct or share with everybody.

Enjoy! 🙂


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